Learn how to create believable and authentic crosshatch drawings.

Crosshatching is much more than just laying down overlapping lines. Professional illustrator, Bryan the Girl, teaches you her approach to crosshatching which is based on historical printmaking techniques. Bryan the Girl teaches how to understand and breakdown what you’re seeing in order to create believable crosshatching. 

In this class you will learn:

  • Bryan’s approach to crosshatching

  • How to create a tone chart/spectrum and how it applies to crosshatching

  • How to divide subject matter into different tone maps

  • What are contour maps and tricks for converting 3D shapes into 2D lines

  • Using horizontal hatching to convey shadows

  • When and how to add a layer of vertical hatching

  • How to know when crosshatching drawing is nearing completion and how to finish it

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About the Instructor


Bryan the Girl

Bryan is a professional artist and educator. She works in pen and ink using a crosshatching style. Since graduating in 2017 with a degree in South Asian and Islamic art history, Bryan has been traveling the world, drawing, writing, and teaching wherever she goes. Her work has been featured on Blick Art Materials, Inktober, Sakura of America, The Pigeon Letters, and more.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Course tool list

  • 2

    Learning to see Shadows

    • Learning to See Shadows

    • Exercise 1 PDF

  • 3

    Learning to see Shapes

    • Learning to see shapes

    • Exercise 2 PDF

  • 4


    • Markmaking

    • Exercise 3 PDF

  • 5

    Two-tone Hatching

    • Two-tone hatching

    • Exercise 4 PDF

  • 6


    • Crosshatching

    • Exercise 5 PDF

  • 7

    Finishing a Drawing

    • Finishing a drawing

    • Exercise 6 PDF

  • 8

    Final Assignment

    • Final Assignment

    • Final Assignment PDF

  • 9

    Full Pomegranate Demonstration

    • Pomegranate Demo Part 1

    • Pomegrantate Demo Part 2

  • 7

    Exercises to help you jump into the art of crosshatching

  • 10 Videos

    Over 1 hour of video instruction and demonstration.

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