How To Ink

How To Ink

taught by Jake Parker
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Zacharias Starlid

Great one!

Informative and includes a lot of fun downloads to ink! I really enjoyed it!

Emmanuel SOULIÉ

Emma Johnson

Fantastic Inktroduction!

This has been a great introduction to inking for me. I am looking at my pens in a new light, I see how they have very different skills, they don't just share the pen pot. Thank you. Really looking forward to some more classes.

Zacharias Starlid

Informative and includes a lot of fun downloads to ink! I really enjoyed it!

Emmanuel SOULIÉ

Emma Johnson

This has been a great introduction to inking for me. I am looking at my pens in a new light, I see how they have very different skills, they don't just share the pen pot. Thank you. Really looking forward to some more classes.

Cathlyn Driscoll

Liked this class a lot! Picked up small techniques that make a huge difference for me. Simple stuff no teacher has mentioned before. Thanks Jake! So glad I did Inktober, then found SVS, and found yours and so many other great classes. Cheers!

Whitney Hills

Anvay Sudame

adam rothenberg

Sushmita Nair

Karl Barek

Kristina Lozanova

It was very nice to warm up for InkTober and get reminded how to ink (after several years of mostly digital painting). Good tips. Learned a lot!

Khang Ta

I really love to learn how to ink with a brush pen. However brush pens are tough to control and can turn out ugly if wrongly used. Thank to this How to ink course, Jake Parker explained clearly and showed how he attempted each single brush stroke ...

Katherine Hatheway

I have bought many books on how to draw comics and all of them start at the beginning then jump immediately to the I am so awesome look at me. Jake went through each step and had examples and also told why he was inking a line a certain way. This ...

Elisa Bianco

Luciano Leal

Stephen Hopkins

Mohammad Sabbagh

Martha Sue Coursey

Martha Sue Coursey

Christian Schnabl

Really enjoyed the step by step and separated approach!

Maxim Sviridov

Maxim Sviridov

Kathrin Wittig

Hi, I just started the course and I really enjoy it, great content. But the audio quality really bothers me. I've seen videos from Jake Parker with fine audio on youtube, so why is a course I pay money for produced worse ??? It irks me.

Roberto Della Croce

Interesting fly on inking! Liked it!

Jenny Barnard

This was a really helpful course for a beginner like myself. I enjoyed learning some new techniques I hope to use for Inktober and growing as an artist. The instructor was great and I really enjoyed the exercises and printouts!!

Anita Cissel

I've learned a lot. I just wish the "Spotting blacks" section wasn't missing from the curriculum.

Sharon Nolfi

Jake is a great teacher. I picked up some new techniques.

Claudia Fiebig

Aleksey Nisenboym

I definitely learned a lot from this class. Although in some of the videos he does mention he'll cover correcting mistakes and how to do spotted blacks but doesn't seem like that was in these. Regardless there is still a lot of content that helped...

Sarah Glazer

I really enjoyed this class and I learned to use a brush pen. This, along with the How to Draw Everything class has really gotten me excited about drawing and inking like I've not been before. Thanks!

Nahar Abulfaraj

Andy Lo Tam Loi

Wei Yang Ng

Rowena Russell

Madeline Ince

I can't thank you enough for this course. I didn't know where to start to improve my inking. Even though I knew it was something I knew needed to improve, it seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. But the simplicity of the tutorials made it ...

Finley Sharrocks

I have to say that, although no professional, I found the course to be mostly irrelevant to me. I'm a fan of Mr Parker's work and maybe my expectations were off but I only really got something from the penultimate video on rendering. I'd recomme...

Gustavo Ruiz

The explanations are very straight forward and the points are made very clearly in each video. Worth watching and repeating many times, as additional insights come through practice and repetition.

Barry van Varik

I started this course because I wanted to learn more about inking. Although I had some experience with pen and ink, I did not completely understand how and when to use line weight. Also, I wasn't very confident in using the brush pen. This course ...

David Amiel

Bartolome Ramis de Ayreflor Catany

This is a very good, fun, concise, and worth the money course, I allready own two books about inking comics (Terry Austin+ The DC inking guide) but I learned new things about Inking on this course, specially the part on communicating weight and t...

Misty Shaw

This course is helping me become more confident with inking, especially with the brush pen! I am also discovering how the positions of my arms, wrists, and fingers affect the quality of the lines. I enjoy the exercises as well, which can serve as ...

Tara Moorman

This was great! I am totally self-taught and generally pretty clueless. I've been doing doodle art and zentangles for a while now, but I feel like I am ready to learn more of the technical side of illustration, etc. This was easy to follow and ...

Christine Winscott

Having had no formal training I have never been confident in my inking skills. This class made me feel better about what I have figured out over the years and taught me some new things too! Jake Parker is so non-pretentious you almost feel like ...

Amber Raden

Loved this class at first, and I was excited to learn about some new tools that I hadn't received any education on (mostly just figuring it out on my own). While it went into the basics of ink - inking pens/brushes and how to use them - which was ...

Suzanne Urban

Although I am an illustrator, I never liked inking much, my inking lacked "guts". Jake is able to breakdown in simple steps inking techniques that he's studied and applied to his own work and how these techniques add life, definition and professi...

Brad Newman

I enjoyed Mr. Parker's course quite a bit. I've done some ink illustration in the past and this served as a good refresher course, just in time for Inktober! I've never used a brush pen before so this was a great learning experience. Overall it's...

Rash .

Juan Acuna

The course is filled with useful knowledge and techniques but very little on how to implement them. For example, at one point he shows us how to draw a tree and says you should use thinner lines when drawing the top leaves. Okay, but why? I watche...

Mary Monson

For beginners to experienced inkers, this course is worth the time and practice with Jake Parker's teaching. Paced well with enough detailed explanations to not get overwhelmed if new to it. Thank you, SVS, for another superb course!

Sharon Reihart

I kind of expected a more professional-quality course and videos. I'm an avid YouTube subscriber and honestly, they are much more professional quality and they're free to boot. I also think Jake could have had better lighting and camera angles...

Denise van Hulst

Andy Tucker

Jonathon Yu

Brilliant, I can do much better than I did a few months ago.

Brett Chalupa

Jake covers the fundamentals of laying down lines, including the techniques and exercises to improve. Following along was great, and practicing the exercises has helped. The included sketches to ink over are also great practice.

Murielle Evers

I watched this in preparation for Inktober and I'm very happy I did. Thanks to the exercises I discovered what tools and styles I like most. Since this is my first course I was also surprised by the amount of practice sheets. Great work.

Ryan Weston

A good assortment of theory and exercises for inking to help build your confidence and get you started on the right path for the experience that will make you a skilled inker.

lilly moon

you get really thorough advice and a lot of excercises to practise a steady hand. I had a lot of fun following this course.

John Marcotte

Some of the stuff I knew and other things were interesting to learn.

Carrie Copa

Fantastic job with demonstrating control exercises and different kinds of inking techniques. I sometimes struggled before with using different line weights properly in a drawing, and Jake explains how to do it in an approachable manner. Draw along...

Aniekan Udofia

Kal Cain

Explained in a way that makes sense after years of struggle.

Karine G.Beaumier

Linh B

First Last

First Last

Jake  Parker
Jake Parker

About the instructor

For the last 19 years Jake has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. For several years he worked for Reel FX and Blue Sky Studios on such projects as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. He is the creator of the popular Inktober drawing challenge. Jake currently works as an illustrator and cartoonist on children's books and comics. He works out of his home studio in Utah.

Learn how to ink like a pro

Jake Parker has been inking for most of his drawing career. From comics to concept art, mastering the pen is essential for all artists. From his own studies and experience, insight from peers and mentors, and material from the best books on the subject he boils everything he's learned about the art form into one class.

In this class you will learn:

  • What pens work best for inking
  • How to make beautiful sweeping ink lines
  • How to use a brush pen
  • How to build up lines
  • How to ink both hard and soft surfaces
  • How to feather and produce gradients

This class includes:

  • 32 page pdf of hi-res inking images, to study, copy and ink over
  • 9 instructional videos
  • list of best tools and materials needed for inking

Course Contents

10 Videos
1 Download
2.3 hrs