Will Terry

Painting in Photoshop

Learn Photoshop painting secrets from not just one pro illustrator, but 5! Mind blown! See how Zac Retz, Brooke Boynton Hughes, Kevin Keele, Will Terry and Jake Parker create their signature style.

Jake Parker

Mastering Perspective

Ugh, perspective. We know it's hard to get excited about it, but mastering this skill is absolutely essential to becoming a Jedi Master in illustration. Illustration pro Jake Parker will help you use the force to apply perspective in your work.

Will Terry

10 Step Digital Painting

Go from sketch to finished digital painting in 10 easy steps! Pro illustrator Will Terry shows you step-by-step how to build this awesome dragon image in Photoshop.

Will Terry

Creative Composition

Good composition is essential to making good images. Pro illustrators Will Terry and Jake Parker go over all the components of good design.

Will Terry

All About Contracts

They say the devil is in details! Find out what artists need to know about the fine print. With special guest Sara Payne, lead attorney at Tailored Legal Services.


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