Ever want to be a fly on the wall in an artist’s studio? Well pull up a chair, relax and learn from some pros.

Welcome to our new live series where on select Thursdays we'll hang out with a different illustrator for an hour or so, and learn whatever it is they want to teach us.

We'll steam it live on our Facebook, and also on Zoom. Anyone can watch on Facebook for free, but only members can join in on the chat on Zoom.

Hope to see you there!

JUMP 01- Digital painting demo with Will Terry

In our first session professional illustrator Will Terry broke down his digitally painting process step-by-step. In addition to the recorded demo, Will made available both the sketch and full layered Photoshop file for you to download. Paint along side Will and share your finished painting on our SVSLearn forums! We can't wait to see what you do!

JUMP 02- Digital painting demo with Lee White

In our second session, professional illustrator Lee White walked through his digital painting process and talked about he is able to replicate a traditional look with digital tools. 

JUMP 03- Digital painting demo with Jake Parker

In our third session, illustrator and comic book artist Jake Parker created this image from scratch, on the spot.

JUMP 04- Digital illustration with a traditional look demo with David Hohn

JUMP 05- Watercolor study demo with Vesper Stamper

JUMP 06- Fast digital illustration demo with Pascal Campion

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • May 27 event link!

    • Details for the upcoming live demo

  • 2

    Will Terry - Digital Painting Demo

    • Day 1

    • Day 2

    • Day 3

    • Sketch

    • Photoshop file download

    • Note:

  • 3

    Lee White - Digital Painting Demo

    • Lee's Demo Part 1

    • Lee's Demo Part 2

    • Photoshop file download

    • Note:

  • 4

    Jake Parker - Digital Illustration Process Demo

    • Jake's Demo Part 1

    • Jake's Demo Part 2

    • Photoshop file download

    • Note:

  • 5

    David Hohn - Digital illustration with a traditional look Demo

    • David's Demo Part 1

    • David's Demo Part 2

    • Photoshop file download

    • Note:

  • 6

    Vesper Stamper - Watercolor Study Demo

    • Vesper's Demo Part 1

    • Vesper's Demo Part 2

    • Vesper's Demo Part 3

    • Demo notes:

  • 7

    Pascal Campion - Digital Illustration Demo

    • Pascal's Demo

  • 8

    Peter Brown - Q&A

    • Peter's Q&A

  • 9

    Course Critiques

    • Course Critiques

  • 10

    Brooklyn Walker - Gesture Demo

    • Brooklyn's Demo

  • 11

    Lissy Marlin - Demo

    • Lissy's Demo

  • 12

    Jamie Zollars - Q&A

    • Jamie's Q&A

  • 13

    Brooklyn Walker - Inktober Demo

    • Brooklyn Walker - Inktober Sketch Session Demo

  • 14

    David Hohn - Picture Book Process

    • Picture Book Process

  • 15

    Lee White - Podcast Illustration

    • Lee's podcast illo!

  • 16

    David Hohn - Picture Book Break Down - Beekle

    • Analysis of Beekle

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