How To Draw Everything

How to Draw Everything

A comprehensive course on the elements, principles, techniques, and tools of drawing | taught by Jake Parker
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Markus Reger

Just Awesome

Hello, we are big Fans of Jake Parkers courses. This ones is really good for starter and experts as well. Because everything refresh in your drawing mind. We are highly recommend this course. Thank you Jake!

melika bazin

Matt Tolbert

Clearer and Better explanation of drawing than I've had before!

I am really thankful that I've taken this course. It's a clearer explanation of shape and form and line work. Aside from being an aspiring illustrator, I'm also a high school teacher. I hope to be able to use some of this information to pass on to...

Markus Reger

Hello, we are big Fans of Jake Parkers courses. This ones is really good for starter and experts as well. Because everything refresh in your drawing mind. We are highly recommend this course. Thank you Jake!

melika bazin

Matt Tolbert

I am really thankful that I've taken this course. It's a clearer explanation of shape and form and line work. Aside from being an aspiring illustrator, I'm also a high school teacher. I hope to be able to use some of this information to pass on to...

Romel Barua

I am a professional comic book artist from Bangladesh. But lately I wanted to level up my art and techniques. So started taking classes for the course "How to draw Everything" by one of my favorite artists Jake Parker. I wanted to know how Jake ap...

Hampus Persson

Michaela Kinberger


Diane Gronas

Excellent approach to the understanding of how to build the illusion of 3-D structural forms over a gestural composition on a 2-D surface. The finishing demos with inked contours, 3-4 tonal gradations, and black cast shadows will inspire any stude...

Michaela Heimlich

What I love the most are the exercises for warm up drawing, never did that before, but now I am learning to train my muscles. It is great for beginners, but also for intermediate. It has a lot of exercises through the whole course and love the end...

Stefan Vasilev02

Antonio Leon Guerrero

This part of the course was a great way to prepare my thinking methods about things going forward.

Yiego Media

I will have to say Parker does a great job explaining each video in a way that keeps my attention. Some of the other videos puts me to asleep and I just mute it. But Parker keeps the language simple for any beginner.

Yiego Media

I will have to say Parker does a great job explaining each video in a way that keeps my attention. Some of the other videos puts me to asleep and I just mute it. But Parker keeps the language simple for any beginner.

Nicole Kalstein

This course is great for anyone, from someone who has never drawn in their life to a seasoned artist who needs a review in the basics. I'd call myself an "intermediate" level at drawing, and I picked up so much from this. No one has ever explain...

Eliza Straczycka

Ilona Korzewska

Ilona Korzewska

William McCaffrey

I watched the teacher on YouTube and thought I would give his class a shot. At first I thought it was a little TOO basic, that was until I started getting into the shapes, specifically the ellipses! I soon realized how important the fundamentals...

Kathleen Ferry

Michael Müller

There is so much for me to learn from this course and its exercises. Jake Parker is an excellent teacher!

Emmanuel SOULIÉ

Mohammed Muslih

it's super helpful , thank you Jake Parker for the course :)

guilhem bernard

Dave Kyslinger

Guy McAlister

Good information and exercises. :)

Anvay Sudame

Stephanie Soong

Jake is a wonderful teacher. He goes through the basics for beginners in such an excellent way. I'm an aspiring illustrator and have never properly drawn until now. Before starting this course, I was feeling extremely stressed out, lost, overwhelm...

Kristen Dutton

Usually when people say "You need to learn the Fundamentals" great groans of protest and sighs of disappointment can be heard. However I just want to say you will not feel this way while going through this class. Jake's teaching on Line, Shape, an...

Geoffrey Gordon

I have been drawing since a kid on and off. There were many things I just couldn't get right because I never understood some of the fundamentals outlined in this course. Jakes does a wonderful job outlining drawing fundamentals. Perspective was a ...

Abigail LaBonte

Matt Sclafani

Henrique Erculano

I learned lot of tips for to improve my drawings. Great.

Austin Zachary

Elisa Bianco

carlos marrero

Wow...This was a great course. Jake is a really good was actually fun going in there and following along with the exercises. I love the format of short videos with assignment packets and some demos. Keep up the GREAT work SVS...Als...

Cheryl Parker

This was a great course for a beginner. I learned alot and am looking forward to doing some of the next courses that were recommended.

Jenny Wilburn

I have been trying to get back into art after not having practiced in over a decade. I’ve struggled a bit with perspective and drawing realistically. This course was just what I needed to refresh my memory and my remind my eye how to draw. I reall...

Yifan Luo

Jake has put together an awesome class! I think this would be wonderful for a beginner, as well as someone with training who needs a refresher through the lens of illustration (like me). It was great getting this material presented to me in a slig...

Anita Cissel

Sowmyanarayanan P

Joe Lovetana

it was great to re-learn basics, been a while lol...your work gives inspiration

Abi Hall

Cory Kelley

Powered through this class over the span of about 3 days and enjoyed every second of it! Jake has a great way of helping you understand how to draw anything using basic shapes, line, and tone. Would highly recommend to anyone just starting out, or...

Michelle Wood

Mohammad Sabbagh

Carla Lilly

All my life I've struggled with building foundations of my whimsical drawings. This course has helped me analyze shapes and dimensions more accurately by giving a thorough explanation of the basics of drawing and assigning exercises that have alre...

Tyke Gomes Jr

thank you, appreciate these and looking forward to seeing more.

Kirsten Tamme

Merren Booth

And from here you can go on to color drawing and painting....I am an art school graduate and have been drawing seriously since I was a kid. Jake Parker's course is how I wished I had learned about drawing. Jake Parker starts with teaching you what...

Sarah Glazer

This class helped me re-invigorate my drawing skills. Jake does a great job of going over every concept and he really made me feel confident that I could draw anything with thought and practice.

Naoise Guerin

Heather Boyd

Thank you Jake Parker for creating this course series, How To Draw Everything. I have filled over 48 pages with drawings and information. I feel more confident to continue creating further work. I think I will go next into understanding light and...

Andy Lo Tam Loi

Gustavo Ruiz

This course presents a well-balanced overview of what's required for drawing: brief enough to keep it accessible and engaging, with just enough explanations and exercises to make it practical. Totally recommend this as primer!

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Angeline Heng

Doris Latimore Johnson

Mr Jake Parker demonstrates the basic drawing concepts in “How to Draw Everything”. You learn about lines, texture, gesture, geometric shaping of forms, etc. He describes these choices as he does the practice exercises. Drawing from real life he...

S.R. Willems

This was a clear, concise, class and a good reference to go back to in order to master the basics.

Matheus Jardim

I've been drawing all my life but a couple years ago I kinda gave up on it. When I decided to come back to it I was really struggling because I was skipping steps and it never seemed to come out right. This course really helped me to remember all ...

Paul Rowlands

Excellent. This course covers all the bases of the basics with exercises that help you forward your own learning/drawing. I could see where my process was different and picked up on new ways of approaching a drawing.

Kelly Bixler

Jon Wickerd

I learned so much! Thank you!

Eric Holm

This course was my first on SVS... after dabbling with drawing for years at home with a few books. Each lesson relies on the ones before it. Allowing you to understand the "why" behind each mark you make on the paper. It's just as much about ...

Cathy Wallace

I learned so much in the course. It's a great introduction/refresher on how to draw line, shape, tone, and more. I highly recommend it.

lori lamore

Andreas Wilfer

It has been very inspiring, learning about how to think about certain things when drawing, what to think about and more. I loved this course and would recommend it to anyone who feels somewhat demotivated by their own lack of understanding or pr...

Mike South

Stephan Bayless

Or a great review for artists who have never had formal training. I have been drawing since I was 13 and often picked up techniques and visual styles along the way from artists I admire (including Jake Parker) but I never understood *why* I was us...

Gavin Pinkney

Jake does a really good job of explaining his process when putting the pieces of a drawing together. I'm now already thinking about shapes and tone to improve my own ability.

Jose Escamilla

sangram Borse

Hi Jake, Thanks a lot for this course. Thanks for taking out the time and explaining the not the basics of drawing but the human psychology behind drawing and how we need to look at drawing. The course was great. i think every beginner should ...

Rebekah Farrell

Shanie Sagan

Thanks, was super cool!!! Very informative. My brain and eyes thank you for helping them function hand in hand :) I see shapes EVERYWHERE ;)

Wei Yang Ng

Brett Chalupa

Jake does a great job of going over the very basics of drawing, covering shape, line, and tone. He pulls it all together in the end in a way that totally clicked and was fun the entire time.

Joakim Dyngeland

What an excellent course! Jake is a great teacher and I especially liked bits about locking your wrist and using the larger muscles of your arm when drawing longer lines. I am looking forward to the other courses in the Curriculum. Thank you g...

Gabriel Nunez

Jeyakumaran Mayooresan

Ricardo Velasco Salazar

I enjoyed completely this course, I've made the exercises and I've noted some improvement on my lines and all that stuff! I want more like this forever!!!!

Howell Burnell

Morana Babić

Susan Goldberg

Ronald Mena

This class gives the student great tools for success in drawing along with observational skills on a solid approach.

Ashton Sneed

I highly recommend this course if you are either a beginner or someone who has been drawing for not that long, as this will get you to understand what makes a drawing.

Petronela Ezaru

Boris Bayo

As a seasoned Illustrator I wanted to start by reviewing the basics. These excercises are good even for those who want to relearn and maybe correct bad habits. I really enjoyed it and I wish I had seen it waay back. Thanks! 😁

Zoran Jovanovic

shawn fields

really helpful and intelligent, thank you!

rakeem nelson

Gabriel Folli

Well, I came to SVS because of this course. As someone that don't know how to draw, the fundamentals was really helpful. But I think that could have few more detailed videos about the "transformation" of this (mainly shapes) into "things". F...

ken wong

Judy Parker

Excellent! I enjoyed every minute spent on this course.

Alex Diaz

I loved this course. Most of the stuff I already knew it, but Jake's approach helped me understand it better and deeper. It really meant a big leap in my drawing skills!

Jack Coney

Ive been drawing on and off for a long time and have stuck to the stuff I am comfortable drawing. (NOT IMPROVING OR LEVELLING UP) Ive always wanted to create characters and imagine a story and personality behind them. My only problem was being abl...

hugo prado

Joshua Pickens

Everything an aspiring artist needs to get off their feet and drawing

Firas Alkhuzaei

Timothy Pedersen

This ONE lesson alone is worth the monthly subscription!!!! Jake Parker is a genius and teaches the basic principles of art in this easy tutorial! Worth every minute it takes of your day! Constant practice is necessary, obviously, but it's so simp...

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Jaden Sherk

Super goooooooooooooood

Mauricio Flores

This course is just amazing, so clear and punctual. All the info here is valuable and it delivers with simplicity and elegance. I wish more of the courses this site provides were more and more like this one: simple, clear and without all the unimp...

Jared Bobak

I took this class as a sort of a precursor to Jake's "How to Ink" course which I was interested in taking in preparation for Inktober next month, to get an idea of how the classes worked. I am of an intermediate experience level so a lot of the in...

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John Marcotte

I watched this class and I thought it was interesting for people who don't know the fundamentals or who just want to get a refresher on drawing because you feel like your progress is not changing. Thank you Jake for making a class for artist to un...

Robyn Lindenmayer

law paul xian

Ryan Weston

Very helpful review of some fundamental visual, mental and physical skills to hone until they become instinct and allow you to draw more effectively from scratch. Even if you think you've heard it before or know it already, the exercises and lect...

Juan Rincón

This was my first course with you guys, and I loved it! Took me two afternoons to complete it and I feel I learned a lot. Great way to start too. SVS, I think I'll stick around for long! :)

Martina Gatti

I've started drawing many times but never really understood how to look and build a draw. Perfect course to educate your eye and brain into drawing and the very basic geometry fondumental to draw everything. The title is completely right. Now I'...

Athena Dyer

Great information and well taught.

gabriel kuniyoshi

All I wanted is this course, But I have no money

Tatiany Rocha de Freitas

José Ribeiro

I really enjoy the drawings by Jake Parker and having him teach me some of the tricks he uses really was as special as I thought it would be.

Kim Hyndman

I really enjoyed the cutting shapes section of this course. I don't recall ever going over that stuff in art school, so it was refreshing to work on those exercises in particular. I admire Jake's style and truly enjoy his courses.

David Little

Zion Husmann

Great teacher, entertaining, great artist with style!

Anatoly Gavrilov

Very good course, Jake! Nice to see master's live work. I hope someday could draw like you...

Carlos Martinez

For the most part, this course refreshed my mind on a lot of the fundamental things that are required in art such as breaking down complex objects into simple shapes like cubes and spheres. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants ...

j m

Michael Dominguez

Preston Gutierrez

Kevin McNeil

Joellyn Myers

I enjoyed drawing when I was younger, but didn't take any classes in high school. I decided to take a beginning arts class in college, but the teacher's approach was not welcoming. I got discouraged if I could really draw. I put my dreams of becom...

Brandon Kallmes

Zarah Hearn

A great demonstration of how to build upon the basic shapes. I know that it seems tedious, and less fun than jumping right in and drawing zombies and unicorns, but it's SO helpful in the long run.

Kal Cain

I could not figure out what I was missing and this cleared up everything. I appreciate that Peter explained the "why" behind the fundamentals and supplied constructive, simple, time efficient, practice strategies. I've taken multiple art courses i...

Olivia Pinto Marchi

I loved this course! I already knew the fundamentals of human anatomy drawing, but this course is a real eye and mind opener to really drawing, instead of just reproducing realistic human anatomy. Essencial for anyone who wants to create and draw ...

First Last

I always thought that learning basics will be borring ... until I watched this course. This course is structured very well and it encourages to practice drawing in a simple way, but at the same time it makes you believe that it is going to help yo...

Haneen Alemam

Phil Gerard Godin

Draw anything with these tips!

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Susan Szecsi

Jake  Parker
Jake Parker

About the Instructor

For the last 19 years Jake has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. For several years he worked for Reel FX and Blue Sky Studios on such projects as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. He is the creator of the popular Inktober drawing challenge. Jake currently works as an illustrator and cartoonist on children's books and comics. He works out of his home studio in Utah.

The road to mastering drawing starts here.

There is often a mystery that clouds the visual arts with confusion and uncertainty. This is largely because most of us were never given serious art instruction in our childhood years. Jake Parker breaks down the fundamentals of basic drawing and cuts through the fog with so much clarity you'll be saying, "I could do that".

This video takes you from simple line construction under-drawings all the way to solid render lines of objects and characters, including his famous "Skull Chaser!" If you struggle with drawing characters, objects, or any form, you will understand how easy it can be if you follow his simple instructions.

In this class you will learn:

  • how to use simple shapes as the groundwork for any object
  • how to draw those simple shapes in perspective
  • how those shapes can be used to construct a tree, car, or character and virtually anything
  • how the under-drawing is essential to drawing complex objects

Note that this class is in our fundamentals series and therefore covers beginning level concepts and ideas.

Course Contents

44 Videos
1 Text
2 PDFs
1 Download
10.0 hrs