Who says you can't use your illustration skills to create beautiful logos?

There comes a point in every illustrator’s career when you are asked to design a logo. While design and illustration are similar and share many principles, the implementation can be quite different. As artists, we want everything we put into the world to be beautiful, and logos are no exception! 

This class, made especially for Illustrators, is not intended to be a full course on branding and design, but will provide a thorough introduction to the classic design principles that will help you succeed when a logo design opportunity comes your way — and make you a better illustrator! 

Tannie will guide you step-by-step through the process, providing assignments and real life examples. She will teach you techniques for creating professional logos for friends, local businesses or even yourself.

Materials and Prerequisites:

In this class you will learn:

  • The elements of good vs. bad logo design

  • How to effectively communicate with a client throughout the logo making process

  • How to build your own logo from the ground up, using step-by-step instructions and real world examples

  • The correct way to prep your files and present work to your client

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Video: Good vs Bad Logo Design

    3. Assignment 1: Good vs Bad Logos

    1. Video: Working With Clients

    2. PDF: Client Questions

    3. PDF: Sample Estimate

    4. PDF: Sample Contract

    5. PDF: Sample Invoice

    1. Video: Research

    2. Assignment 2: Research

    3. PDF: Big Nose Bakery

    4. PDF: Doggie Doodle Daycare

    5. PDF: Mug Huggers Coffee

    6. PDF: Narwhal Cafe

    7. PDF: The Iron Crow

    8. PDF: The Proud Mustache

    9. PDF: The Salty Watermelon

    10. PDF: Two Turtles Mexican Restaurant

    11. Video: Thumbnails

    12. Assignment 3: Thumbnails

    13. PDF: Thumbnails Template

    1. Video: Roughs

    2. Assignment 4: Roughs

    3. PDF: Roughs Template

    4. Video: Comps

    5. Assignment 5: Comps

    6. PDF: Font List

    7. Video: Color

    8. Assignment 6: Color

    1. Video: Style Guides

    2. Assignment 7: Style Guides

    3. PDF: Sample Style Sheet 1

    4. PDF: Sample Style Sheet 2

    5. PDF: Sample Style Sheet 3

    6. PDF: Sample Style Sheet 4

    1. Conclusion

    2. Course PDF

About this course

  • 37 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content
  • 10 Videos

About the Instructor

Illustrator Tannie Smith

Tannie M. Smith is an illustrator who loves to collaborate on picture books, middle grade projects, and editorial illustrations. She also enjoys using her 10+ years of branding and communication experience to help other artists and creatives through workshops and online courses. Tannie has a BFA from Texas State University in Communication Design. She currently lives in Lago Vista, (near Austin, TX) where she fervently fosters her love for Star Wars, Korean dramas, yoga and tacos.

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