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Illustrators often choose between traditional media and digital media. And by digital, you may be thinking Photoshop or Procreate - two popular raster-based applications. In this course, professional illustrator Sarah LuAnn Perkins, shows how incredibly powerful this vector-based software is and why it is suited so well for digital illustration. 

This 5-chapter course starts by explaining the differences between raster and vector images, and takes you all the way to working with complex shapes, patterns, gradients and even building your own custom brushes. Of course the mysteries of paths, anchor points and the pen tool are also broken down in simple ways that'll have you excited to jump into this once daunting program. 

In this class you will learn:

  • The differences between raster and vector images and some distinct advantages of vector images in digital illustration

  • How to create and navigate documents, workspaces and artboards

  • How to create, group and combine various shapes

  • How to use the pathfinder tool, pen tool, pencil tool and so much more

  • How to use the type tool to create and modify text

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Rasters vs Vectors

    3. Examples of Sarah's Vector Work

    4. Examples of Other Artists' Vector Work

    5. Chapter 1 Assignment: Vector Research

    6. Chapter 1 Assignment PDF

    1. Introduction to Illustrator

    2. Creating a Document

    3. Navigating Your Document

    4. Rectangles and Ellipses

    5. Moving and Grouping Shapes

    6. Copying and Pasting

    7. Pathfinder Tool

    8. Demonstration: Basic Shapes

    9. Assignment: Making Basic Shapes

    10. Assignment: Making Basic Shapes

    11. Files for Chapter 2 Assignment

    12. Chapter 2 Assignment PDF

    1. Introduction to Advanced Shapes

    2. Pen and Pencil Tools

    3. Color and Stroke Control

    4. Align Tool and Smart Guides

    5. Transforming Shapes

    6. Type

    7. Additional Tools

    8. Assignment: Logo Master Copy

    9. Chapter 3 Assignment PDF

    1. Introduction to Advanced Techniques

    2. Polygons and Stars

    3. Shapes Within Shapes

    4. Gradients and Mesh

    5. Image Trace

    6. Assignment: Design Your Logo

    7. Chapter 4 Assignment PDF

    1. Introduction to Line Work

    2. The Blob Brush

    3. Demonstration: Blob Brush Sketch

    4. Inking with the Blob Brush

    5. Inking with the Width Tool

    6. Inking with the Brush Tool

    7. Coloring Line Work

    8. Layer Demonstration: Midpoint

    9. Layer Demonstration: Final Illustration

    10. Saving and Exporting

    11. Assignment: Vector Illustration

    12. Chapter 5 Assignment PDF

About this course

  • 46 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • 39 Videos

About the Instructor

Sarah LuAnn Perkins

Sarah LuAnn Perkins is an illustrator-author of whimsical stories for the children's publishing market. She enjoys creating work full of wit, wonder, and whimsy. Sarah grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and received a BFA in illustration from Brigham Young University. She now lives in Upstate NY with her husband and two kids, and is the Illustration Coordinator for the SCBWI Eastern Upstate NY region. Sarah is represented by Adria Goetz at Martin Literary Management.

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