What exactly is gesture anyway?

Gesture, rhythm, motion, action, flow – these are all words that are used interchangeably and they basically mean the same thing.

They all refer to the movement between things. It’s not the contour, or the form, or the tone. It’s the movement that connects the contours, the forms and the tones.

It’s simple to understand, but difficult to put into practice when you’re actually drawing a human figure. We’re so tempted to draw the details of the anatomy and all the little bumps of the contour because we think that detail will make our drawing look better. In this lesson you'll learn how to draw gesture.

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About the Instructor

Artist and Instructor

Stan Prokopenko

Stan makes fun and entertaining art tutorials to help artists learn how to draw the human form. He is the man behind Proko, the YouTube channel and website for art instruction. He does all his own stunts.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Gesture Drawing

    • Gesture Lesson

    • Assignment: Draw the Gesture

    • Gesture - Step by Step

    • 30 Second and 2 Minute Gesture Quicksketch Examples

    • Gesture Critiques with Marshall Vandruff

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