Creative Composition

Building Backgrounds

Fall in love with creating a home for your characters. | taught by Brian Ajhar

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Brian  Ajhar
Brian Ajhar

About the instructor

Brian Ajhar is an award winning character designer and illustrator who specializes within the animation and publishing industry.  Brian is a New York Times Bestselling artist, published by seven different book publishers worldwide in a multitude of languages. His work for animation includes feature films, television commercials, independent films, and educational projects. Brian's newest project will be released in 2019 published by Disney. Brian has been recognized multiple times by CA magazine and the Society of Illustrators.

Adding characters to an environment is an important topic to understand and add to every artists work flow.

In this class you will receive a series of 6 video drawing lessons emphasizing
how to draw characters within their environment. I will be discussing perspective, developing ideas, and how making characters interact helps with developing your thought process. This
class is designed for any student interested developing their thinking skills at the early sketch and idea stage of creating art. You will get an assignment to do and video feedback drawovers on your artwork.

What you get:

  • Access to class videos
  • Assignments
  • 3 individualized video critiques of your work

How it works:

After signing up students will be given access to the videos for this class. There will be a few weeks for students to watch and take notes on the video lectures. Then students will have access to download the instructions for the homework assignment(s). Students will have time to complete their work and turn it in by the due dates listed. Brian will critique each piece with Will Terry while screen recording all comments and suggestions. Brian will complete the draw -overs and the videos will be posted here at SVS for the students in the class to view. There will be three critiques total for this class.

* Fundamentals of perspective and why it's important
* Understanding your character in perspective
* The horizon line and how it affects your character
* Why it's important to know the eye level in your drawing
* How to design a room with 1 point perspective
* Adding furniture and props to a room
* How to draw engaging characters in perspective
* Making perspective believable
* Layering landscapes in perspective
* Using perspective to to tell a story
* How to make your characters live in their environment
* How to invent stories while building a background
* Why interacting characters are important to your story telling
* Inventing a story line intuitively
* How inventing in the early stages help grow your ideas and thought process
* Developing your point if view is the key to making you a great artist
* How to decide what to draw (what moment in time)
* How to practice your thought process without picking up a pencil
* The ultimate goal is to make you grow as an artist every day and have fun doing it

Refund Policy:

  • cancellation up to 14 days before class starts: full refund
  • cancellation 1 - 13 days before class starts: 75% refund
  • cancellation during the first week of class: 50% refund
  • cancellation during the second week of class and after: 0%

Please Note: When you enroll, we are reserving your seat, and others are not able to sign up. Because it can be challenging to fill seats when there are last minute cancellations, we only offer partial refunds once we are within 13 days of the class start date. However, if you are able to sell your seat to another student, we are happy to give a full refund 😀

Parental Advisory: The video for "Lesson 8: Brian's Influences" contains a few images of nude cartoon figures and illustration images of the effects of war.

Course Contents

19 Videos
3 Texts
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