How To Get Your Art On Products Sold In Retail Stores

How To Get Your Art on Products Sold in Retail Stores

An introductory course to licensing your art and getting it into retail stores. | taught by Gina Jane
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Sam Pernoski

Very helpful, learned a lot! Great class.

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Dorna Diven

How to Get Your Art on Products Sold in Retail Stores

Sam Pernoski

Very helpful, learned a lot! Great class.

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Dorna Diven


Super helpful, tons of great advice!

Lorenzo Kirkpatrick

I really enjoyed this lesson. I wasn't even thinking about licensing and now it is a top priority for my art career. Please do more.

Diane Gronas

Excellent discussion and information about how selling/renting work in the retail market works. Thanks so much!

Cathlyn Driscoll

This class was amazing. I had always wondered about the merch I buy in stores and how it all works. Now I know and have valuable templates too! The instructions are clear and the step by step information was so incredibly helpful. This was just wh...

Christa Lawrence

Very informative for those of us who knew little about licensing!

Kasey Snow

I've been very curious about this side of the industry for a while, thank you for the class! If there is ever a part two, I would love a more in-depth look at the business side of things. Everything from finding an agent for licensing (or is tha...

Agy Wilson

I found the information to be fullsome, thought provoking and credible (though the proof will be in the pudding, when I actually take the plunge to see is I can do this, which will have to do as much with my work as the course). That said, I feel...

Maria Kapitsa

That was very interesting, never thought of this way of making money out of my illustration. Looking forward to seeing next Gina Jane's classes on the topic!

Aoede Pando

Great info, but feel like the instructor still has a lot more she would like to share. Would love to see more from her, and more from SVS in this vein of classes that teach you how to make money off of art.

christiane wolff


It was nice, get to know lot of things.

Anita Cissel

Devynne Cull

Anastasia Kreker

Thank you Gina, for such a good class! A lot of highly valuable information about art licensing given at this class.

Julie Hansen

How refreshing! Loved this class. Gina is a perfect instructor. So wonderful to see a couse on SVS that didn't include robots, weird stuff!! But this course was perfectly geared to the real world illustrator, not sci fi. Was going to cancel m...

Megan Balli

Loved this course! It was thorough and very informational about the current business of art licensing with excellent samples/examples to help get you moving in the right direction. Can't wait to start putting my work out there more, Thank you!

oceane pouele

What an amazingly helpful and informative course, with lots of resources to follow

Cindy Dicks

Excellent. This course was full of easy to understand steps, guidelines and advice. Thank you

Jo L Ragan

I really found the class very informative and easy to understand. Lots of good ideas on where to start.

Robert Liu-Trujillo

Peace SVS creators and Ms Lee. Thanks for the course, just watched it and downloaded some of the documents. I enjoyed it over all and appreciate her knowledge. I appreciated her insight on traditional uses of illustration for licensing during Nort...

Sweta Roy Choudhury

I took the class to know about Licensing and I loved it. I really got to know a lot of important information. But the class didn't end. Gina Jane told about many topics which she will discuss about in the next class, but there no class after that....

Carmen Briceno

Incredibly thorough and professional. I learned so much! I would love more from her!

Alexandra Hall-Pinner

This has to be one of my favorite courses yet. So concise and full and of information. step by steps about how to get into and submit to the art licensing industry. My only issue is many of the templates to download come up blank (but honestly, yo...

Diego Ramirez

Thanks alot

Ashley Mclaughlin

This was a great course, very informative and relevant. Full of all the information I needed to know but didn't know where to start nor what questions to ask and yet it is all covered here. Slightly different from SVS Learn's usual content, which ...

Maria F Moreno

I thought the course was really good, she explained everything nice and simple and was very generous with all the information, downloads and templates that she shares. A true teacher!!!

Geraldo Dominguez

This was the first thing I listened to. And it will be the last one too. It’s super informative and I’m very pleased to have learned all this. Great job

Kim Duncan

Glenda Rogers Stocco

This class has what I've always wanted in my courses: comprehensive, clearly explained, with well thought-out presentation. I couldn't be happier with the quality of teaching. It's obvious there are intelligent minds at work at SVS. Glenda Ro...

Susan Szecsi

Gina Jane introduces us to the retail store market. Using her vast experience she explains very well how to enter a huge market, find your niche and avoid pitfalls. Excellent attachments (licensing, contracts, royalty) help us to understand the ti...

Joy Heyer

This class is overflowing with information! It is a great class and I can't wait for the next one. Thank you!

Arthur Smith

Michael Mattocks

This course is so well done and thorough its almost as if the instructor Gina Jane is guiding you personally step by step through this whole process. Gina does a fantastic job and this course is PACKED with information.

Susi Schaefer

Informative and extremely helpful! Well done, Gina and SVS team.

Mary Monson

Gina does a great job teaching all the essentials on this subject from first-hand experience I found quite valuable.

Catherine Marchand

I luv this course! Can't wait for the follow up.. It was very informative and helpful, and opens up a whole new world of potential for Artist. Thanks Gina and Guys!

Lynne Davis

nancy ferrara

This was a very informative class.

Whitney Simms

These are questions I have had for years and years! Gina was just amazing. I have a BFA in illustration (way back in 2001) and I never, ever heard the term "licensing." Let's be fair, it was a long time ago. Maybe I just forgot. Thanks so much for...

William Palacio

Never knew there were so many ways to make income off of one image. So very interesting and lots of wonderful information.

Gina Jane
Gina Jane
Illustrator/ Graphic Designer

About the instructor

Gina is an amazing illustrator and graphic designer. She has been designing art for products for over 30 years. Some of her clients include: Target, Michales, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Jo-Ann Stores Inc, Lowes and Amazon, to name just a few. Her art is heartwarming and she has a depth of experience in both creating art and in working with a variety of clients.

Put your art to work for you!

Although this class ventures outside of our main objective of narrative illustration, it also gives very powerful information on how you can generate income with your artwork. Staying relevant and getting paid for artwork helps the artist stay in the game longer.

This class is the first in a series that will expose you to the world of "licensing." Licensing is when artists sell their work to companies who produce physical products such as gift wrap, decorative bags, flags, signs, fabrics, etc. 

In this introductory class, Gina Jane goes over the basics of how to get your work in retail stores. You can literally use the same artwork on all kinds of different products! 

"You can take the art you've already got, and turn it into a product that makes you money over and over again." - Gina Jane

She will cover everything from finding a manufacturer, to formatting your work, to getting paid. Learn how to be selective and find the companies that are a good fit for your style.

Gina Jane got her start painting wooden crafts and eventually transitioned into licensing her own artwork for retailers. This is her first class with SVS.

Course Contents

7 Videos
9 PDFs
2.5 hrs