How To Get Your Art On Products Sold In Retail Stores

How To Get Your Art on Products Sold in Retail Stores

An introductory course to licensing your art and getting it into retail stores. | taught by Gina Jane
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Gina Jane
Gina Jane
Illustrator/ Graphic Designer

About the instructor

Gina is an amazing illustrator and graphic designer. She has been designing art for products for over 30 years. Some of her clients include: Target, Michaels, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Jo-Ann Stores Inc, Lowes, and Amazon, to name just a few. Her art is heartwarming and she has a depth of experience in both creating art and in working with a variety of clients.

Put your art to work for you!

Although this class ventures outside of our main objective of narrative illustration, it also gives very powerful information on how you can generate income with your artwork. Staying relevant and getting paid for artwork helps the artist stay in the game longer.

This class is the first in a series that will expose you to the world of "licensing." Licensing is when artists sell their work to companies who produce physical products such as gift wrap, decorative bags, flags, signs, fabrics, etc. 

In this introductory class, Gina Jane goes over the basics of how to get your work in retail stores. You can literally use the same artwork on all kinds of different products! 

"You can take the art you've already got, and turn it into a product that makes you money over and over again." - Gina Jane

She will cover everything from finding a manufacturer, to formatting your work, to getting paid. Learn how to be selective and find the companies that are a good fit for your style.

Gina Jane got her start painting wooden crafts and eventually transitioned into licensing her own artwork for retailers. This is her first class with SVS.

Course Contents

7 Videos
9 PDFs
2.5 hrs