Working With Color

The Magic of Color

taught by Will Terry
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Michaela Heimlich

Great class about colors, shades and contrast

There are two classes, old one and new one about colors, I think both have their appeal. Learnt a lot, the most about cool and warm colors and contrast.

Alberto Boscolo Gnolo


Michaela Heimlich

There are two classes, old one and new one about colors, I think both have their appeal. Learnt a lot, the most about cool and warm colors and contrast.

Alberto Boscolo Gnolo


Andy Lo Tam Loi

Bethany Rule

This is exactly what i needed to know but didn't know:) So many gems of info in this course. Thanks for the effort that goes into these videos. My creative self is loving the valuable knowledge that you guys are sharing in all these videos. :) Beth

Claudia Fiebig

This course was so helpful. THANK you, Will.

Kelly Lane

Zion Husmann

A very informative class on color.

Carol Kohn

This class was amazing. If you asked me last week if I knew color, I'd have said color was the one area that I was confident I knew well - that was until I took this class. I learned so much I can't thank you enough.

Sheridan Morgan

Alex Diaz

This course is a must! It is such a great class with lots of important information. This revamped class is a huge improvement over the old version. Will Terry explains things clearly and to the point. I did love it and will come back to it again.

Hannah Olsson Vilson

As always, Will Terry does a great job explaining things even for a "graphite only girl" like myself trying desperately to learn about colors. :)

Glenn Hibburt

Absolutely superb! I've used colour before, but have not taken it very seriously. That has totally changed my mindset. I am charged and excited to start putting this new found knowledge to work.

Alexandra Hall-Pinner

Wow! I love how Will expanded this. It's even better and more straight forward than my college color theory course! Color, light and perspective are always the courses I'm trying to learn from. This is a fantastic color class; leaves nothing to my...

Shannon Biondi

I took this class as a way of easing myself into other courses like 'Painting Colour and Light'. Having never studied art before and being a total beginner when it comes to things like colour, I found it very informative and learned a lot. I thoug...

kait matthews

Thank you!

laylaiya piri

Chetan Vij

The best part of this and other sessions on SVS is that the audience gets an insight into How an illustrator *needs to think/visualize*. My take aways: 1. Simply mixing black for dark and white for lighter colors would make it dull. This was a...

Dorna Diven

Ryan Weston

As mentioned by some other reviews, it is a course in basic fundamentals that you may find elsewhere. However, I did find some of the discussion and examples used to illustrate the concepts provided "ah-ha" moments that should help the concepts s...

Alexis St-Laurent

I've never really had an understanding of color and that class really goes to the core of it. I'm only sad that I missed the actual night so I could ask some questions.

Sherri Oliver

Nice color theory refresher.

Diego Lopez

They mentioned it a the start that this was a basic lecture on the fundamentals of color theory. Very basic and straight to the point, although there are lot of questions that pop up after completing this since this is a set up for the 'lightin...

Sophia Gabo

Tyler Blake

I just finished this course, and it was excellent. I stuck with black and white pencil almost exclusively for decades, and when I decided to start using color more I felt lost. This was just what I needed, I especialky like the last segment on l...

Andy Tucker

Russ Vandine


Aniekan Udofia

Tatiany Rocha de Freitas

Jose Juan Ramos Darias

Karine G.Beaumier

Will Terry
Will Terry

About the Instructor

Will Terry has been a freelance illustrator for 26 years. He got his start working for magazines and newspapers in the Washington D.C. area. His early clients include publications such as Time, Money, WSJ and ads for Sprint, Pizza Hut, Fed Ex, and Master Card. He has illustrated about 30 children’s books for a number of publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, and Penguin. When he's not mountain biking, hiking, or snowboarding he works out of the office in Provo Utah. 

Understanding color starts here.

In this course, Jake Parker demonstrates how to light an object, how shadows work, and how to apply these principles to complex forms. Will Terry demonstrates and explains key aspects of color theory as it relates to art.

How to effectively apply light and shadow to objects is essential knowledge every artist needs to know. Learning how to use color is essential for painters, illustrators, photographers, and anyone who wants to convey ideas visually.


In this class you will be supplied with the video that explains a few color swatch assignments for you to practice. It's very important to physically go through these assignments to teach yourself and train your eye to understand color mixing.

In this class you will learn:

  • Primary colors, secondary and tertiary colors
  • Tints & shades
  • Hue, chroma, and brightness
  • Complementary colors and their relationships and unique attributes
  • Color schemes and how they appear in nature
  • Warm and cool colors and what to mix to warm or cool a color
  • What is grey and how is it affected by temperature
  • Additive vs subtractive color
  • What colors to buy at the art store
  • Should you ever use black?
  • Vibrating colors
  • How colors change in shadow and light
  • How to get rich color mixing in your paintings

Note that this class is in our fundamentals series and therefore covers beginning level concepts and ideas.

Course Contents

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