Visual Storytelling Techniques

Visual Storytelling Techniques

taught by Lee White
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Shawn Turek

Another great course!

Another great course from Lee! So much to take away from this.

Claudia Fiebig

Anya Johnson

Loved it!

Really insightful ~ loved the examples!

Shawn Turek

Another great course from Lee! So much to take away from this.

Claudia Fiebig

Anya Johnson

Really insightful ~ loved the examples!

Xitlali Pérez Minssart

He gives so much information that is going to help telling storys in different ways. Really amazing course and i am so glad i took it!

Nancy Naveen

I found this to be a very good course, well explained, especially with all the examples. I learnt some really good techniques and concepts that I had only passively absorbed in children's book illustrations. Thanks Lee this was very informative. ...

First Last

Very interesting and full of knowledge. Everything told with passion.

Tereza Krajnakova

What a amazing storytelling class. It was interesting to listen to those tips and techniques, will try them in my future work.

Mary Monson

Lee covers so much in this lesson with assignments throughout to stretch the artist in thinking and execution. Time well spent on this course.

Bethany Hissong

I was feeling like my illustrations were getting a little boring and these assignments/questions are an excellent way to challenge the scenes to make them much more interesting and interactive to the viewer! I can't wait to rework my drawings to m...

Amy Healey

raven warner

Monika Sekej

This class gives so much knowledge and inspiration in a nutshell. Lee White provide great techniques for developing your story for to be unique, unconventional and interesting. And all that is followed by examples. Thank you so much Mr. White!

Sarah Timberlake

Wonderful course. Opened my eyes to a lot of storytelling techniques that I usually take for granted. I'm excited to get started on the assignments and will definitely be revisiting this course in the future.

Dori Janki

This was the first course I took here on SVS and one of the best. Very useful, pragmatic, brief yet extremely informative. Also thought-provoking, providing you with completely new perspectives (at least in my case). Thank you.

Julia Maisen

Dorna Diven

Sofia Calderon Miller

This course lasts 1hour and 40 minutes. The teacher really takes advantage of that time, with tips, method, to the point questions. Some of the point he discusses might seem obvious, but through the use of really good examples and pointers, you fi...

Kristinn Reinhard

Tammy Dotson

John Jagusak

Judy Bales

Lots of clear and solid information on creating and illustrating a story. The visual examples that illustrated his points were stunning. I had not heard of any of these illustrators and am eager to check out more of their work.

Shane Zhou

Rosa Lozano


This course was awesome start to finish. Great information, great examples. Tons of useful advice and techniques for thinking outside of the hamster wheel that is your brain's comfort zone.

Aniekan Udofia

Carina Povarchik

I hope I can start adding at least some of all the advices here, it sure opened my eyes in many things. Loved it :)

lyn allen

Really helpful and thought provoking but I would love to be able to print off every slide for reference, would this be possible?

Carlos Santos Jr

Anna J. Benczédi

Anastasia Sokolova

Susan Szecsi

Pragmatic approach, some excellent advice, great assignments, Lee White does a fantastic job as usual.

Lee White
Lee White
Illustrator Extraodinare

About the Instructor

Lee White has illustrated over 20 books and has an international client base. Some of his clients include:

- National Geographic
- Apple
- Arthur Levine Publishing
- Penguin Publishing
- United Airlines
- Scholastic
and many more!

Lee has been working for the past 15 years as a professional illustrator and has also taught at the college level for the past decade.

Learn how to ramp up the emotion and meaning in your images

Visual Storytelling is an essential part of being an illustrator. Moving beyond artistic technique, this video deals with the fundamental issue of how to tell a story visually. Deciding WHAT to draw is often times more important than HOW it’s drawn. This video comes with 7 different assignments that address concepts relating to visual storytelling.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Step by step techniques to evaluate stories effectively
  • How to break down a pitch to sell your idea or story
  • Common problems to avoid in your work
  • How to generate ideas quickly that are focused and move your project forward
  • How to establish meaning in an image
  • Showing how the idea of time can give many options for storytelling
  • Techniques for enhancing storytelling in both big encompassing ideas, and also with individual images
  • Helps to critique your own work more effectively
  • Enhancing drama so viewers care about your characters

What you need:

This class focuses on story and ideas more than artistic technique so no materials are necessary. To do the assignments you can use any media you feel comfortable with (traditional or digital)

If you have any questions for Lee about this class, email him at:

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Download
1.8 hrs

Course Curriculum