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Powerful tips to help you discover. your style

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Lee, thank you. Style has been a struggle for me for years because I gravitates to what I liked and then we be afraid of being considered a hack rather than unique.

by Carol Kohn

by Daniela Glassop

I was looking in all the wrong places. Lee is an illustrator sherpa guiding you on the journey to your style. The discussion with Lee and Will and Jake was by turns educating and entertaining, as usual. (Listen to the 3 Point Perspective podcasts for more of the same.) My takeaway: your "tribe" plus putting in the time will equal a style that will be yours, then it is an ongoing ever evolving journey.

by Bruce Beecher

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Lee, thank you. Style has been a struggle for me for years because I gravitates to what I liked and then we be afraid of being considered a hack rather than unique.

by Carol Kohn

by Daniela Glassop

I was looking in all the wrong places. Lee is an illustrator sherpa guiding you on the journey to your style. The discussion with Lee and Will and Jake was by turns educating and entertaining, as usual. (Listen to the 3 Point Perspective podcasts for more of the same.) My takeaway: your "tribe" plus putting in the time will equal a style that will be yours, then it is an ongoing ever evolving journey.

by Bruce Beecher

by David Benham

by Haneen Alemam

I'm currently going through Style Wars in my own mind. So it was good to hear that its possible to have multiple styles and still get work. Just need to push myself that little bit harder and make a broad body of work. The course makes me think about my influences over the years and what brings it all together.

by Si Gross

It has a lot of new point for me, how to look at my style and how to see what I like and not.

by Michaela Heimlich

I heard someone said, that style is depending on what the artist wants to approach on different projects. Different stories need their own spices. And I always believe if I want to move the others, I have to convey something that moves me at first hand. Thank you for sharing your great thoughts!

by Jianci Liang

I really like this course. The first video is brilliant and Lee put together great slides and a great discussion. But I felt that it could be more in-depth and build on what Lee was discussing. Hopefully a Style 2.0 course soon.

by Phil Dunne

I'm grateful for this resource and glad that I chose this course as my first one to take. I'm in no rush to find my own style because I believe the first thing I need to train on are fundamentals. However, it was lucky coincidence and pleasant surprise that Lee White chose Yuko Shimizu, Hokusai and Victo Ngai as different examples of a same tribe, since I take to their artwork the past few years without thinking about why or the common denominator. I think Lee's perspective/ definition on "your own style" is realistic, humble, yet feels attainable and liberating. Thank you!

by Anh Ly

I loved this course! In my opinion Lee manages it to really get to the bottom of things with clear intellect, great understanding of art and structured teaching that is always fun and enlightening. Love how he thinks and see his strength in concept and quirky humour clearly peek through in his work. :-) I especially loved the analogy with the punks and business man, that gets to the point and one can smile and relax to put together ones unique tribe. I started the assignment right away. Thanks Lee!

by Bettina Banz

At first I disagreed with the premise that "keep drawing/painting and eventually your style will emerge" is not true. I absolutely believe that's true. I have a very distinctive style that came from years of just making art my way although certainly not in a vacuum, I have an MFA. However, as I began dialing in what I really wanted to do, I began collecting children's books that I loved. Not just anything, I had to fall head over heels in love with it. THEN I started paying attention to WHAT I loved and incorporating that into my work. Not as thoroughly as the Dream Portfolio. I will be working on that for a while! Brilliant idea! So I guess I disagree AND agree! It's both. I loved the course, I am excited to be "working with" such gifted artists and this has been very inspiring! I just started with this shorter course to be sure I could download everything and figure out the nuts and bolts of it all. Next I am looking forward to "Illustrating Children's Books Part 1." But not until I take my time and really get all I can out of the Dream Portfolio assignment. Thanks guys!

by Linda Neely

by jane zimmermann

by Leslie Coston

by Jonathan Fisher

I consider that I have a style and pretty much know who my influences are. But I have a new favorite quote: "Find out who you are, and then do it with intent!" from Dolly Parton. That's why I took this course, and it didn't disappoint. I think Lee especially has deepened my understanding, and as I'm about to throw myself back into work, the discussions has definitely pointed me in a direction.

by Agy Wilson

I developed RSI in my shoulder and had to stop drawing for a while. When I got back into it, I realised that I hadn't fully realised and developed my style. I was trying to do too many different things at once, getting overwhelmed and frustrated. This lecture really helped me take a lot of steps back so I could re-evaluate my goals and redefine the direction I wanted to go in. Very well thought-out lecture with great examples and a thought-provoking discussion. Thank you!

by Belinda Roozemond

I am working on finding my style so this was super helpful! I used to think you had to come up with completely original ideas on your own or you were copying. First heard about these ideas on the SVS podcast and it blew my mind! Thank you!!!

by Sonia UTTING

by Heather Marler

Nice guide

by Juan Diaz

Their advice really takes the mystery out of how to discover and make my style unique. I feel more confident in making the journey of discovering my authentic artistic expression.

by Anneliese Roemer

For me, this was one of my favorite courses. I've always been stuck on what 'style' actually meant but this video broke it down that actually made sense. Thanks so much, Lee for putting this together!

by Oliver Benavidez

by Marshall Hull

Doing that Dream Portfolio exercise really opened my eyes

by Anita Cissel

This was a really helpful course for me. After looking at the pdf assignment, I wondered if a good portion of the lecture and discussion would be material that may have been covered on a few of the Three Point Perspective podcast episodes, but there was a lot of new information. It really shifted my perspective, and is causing me to be more intentional and aware of my influencers. Thanks for another great class and discussion!

by Annie Barnett

by Mandy Kaiser

I loved this course! I thought it was a brilliant idea to find a group of work by others that I love so I can see the essence of what I am drawn to. I will be doing that! The point about drawing from one source vs. many was a great insight. I also loved what Will said about loving what you do. That progress happens in the context of loving what you do. Brilliant! Thank you!

by Anya Johnson

Awesome class. The Dream Portfolio assignment is great. It really makes you think about your style and what you like best from other art. It's hard but worth it.

by Sarah Rivera

As the SVS staff states, no one talks about this issue; at best they fluff it off to "Don't worry about it, style evolves naturally." Not true. And the need for this understanding is great, i.e., ask any student, or even new pro. (Even mid-level pro for that matter.) From long years in this field, this class is a true first and it's a solid based on real depth of insight, and experience. You will come away with an accurate understanding of how style is gained and remains relevant and healthy while evolving during the life of an artist's career.

by Glenda Rogers Stocco

I've been searching for years for a proper source to inspire me with my choice of style. I followed though the instructions and I believe that now it is crystal clear which style I want to stick with. I am not a newbie, so I already had an idea of what I would like my illustrations to look like, but there are so many amazing styles out there that I just had a very tough time feeling comfortable with the direction I was heading into. It was worth buying it. One negative thingy though: the quality of the sound was very poor in some places, so I had to really concentrate on what Will Terry was saying.

by Orsolya Orbán

by Jaclyn Turner

by Tanja Stephani

by Daniel Wu

What a refreshing and inspiring video to start my SVS membership with! I have always felt like I struggle with my own style, but this really made me feel better about not waiting around for the magical style fairy to come. :) I am so eager to dig in and figure out what to work towards. Thanks so much for this excellent discussion!

by Britta Nagy

Great course! Provides a fresh and (for me) unexpected approach to discovering my style. Couldn't stop excitedly trying to explain to my husband the aha moment it created for! :)

by Becky Porter

by Kloie Leslie

Im a newbie and this really helped me regroup and figure out where to start. Thank you.

by fnu chandini sheeba

by Kasey Snow

I love's Lee's classes and the way he explains things. I always get something useful from his teachings. This is totally worth the time and the money.

by Alex Diaz


by Jamieson Jekel

by Agnese Ragucci

Thank you! I've needed that for the last 10 years!

by Jen Ewell

Not having to create out of a void is a relief. Take the elements you like from others and steal them! You work with them and they become your own. study them so you can understand how they think. When you combine several influences your choices make them your own. Thanks Lee for great insight. I went to art school and never liked the idea that teachers never gave direct input... only critiques. Crits are great but reverse engineering artists work you admire is the fast track to style.

by Chris Perry

by Brett Chalupa

by Max Boutelle

Great course, really helped me see the path i'm on is ok!!

by Robyn Jackson

Finding my own style has always been extremely elusive - or at least I thought it was; however, Lee White has just completely flipped my perspective on the ease at which an artist's style can "organically" evolve over time. No need to place unnecessary pressure on the process or force something that is simply not a right fit. I'm really looking forward to completing the assignment and seeing where it takes me!

by First Last

by Sophia Gabo

Just wanted to say that this assignment has been so helpful and I knew that there was always a missing ingredient to finding my own particular style and where I "fit in." Loved these videos and lectures so much, keep on doing great stuff!

by Jessica Brannan

This lesson was such an excellent way to pull together what I tend to do in my head-- finding those things I really love about my favorite illustrators' work and using it to discover how I want my own work to look. It's easy to be swayed by trends but I would rather be making my own art that really excites me, because that usually means it will excite other viewers! I'm so glad I signed up for these courses!

by Bethany Hissong

by Jared Helder

I really enjoyed this course - lots of examples and a clear way of thinking about how artists develop their own styles. Great homework assignment that I actually started before he mentioned it was a great exercise to try.

by Dakota Duncan

This course was hugely useful. I was in a rut and unhappy with the style of recent work I'd been doing. After completing this course and following Lee's recommendations, I got excited about recreating the techniques of illustrators I'd always admired, and in short order I was making images that really felt true to my aesthetic. It re-energized my work and my spirit.

by Julie Bayless

I did not find what I was looking for here. I'm pretty set in my style, but I'm lacking in colors that define my style further. Nonetheless, the information here was valid and helpful to those that are lost in how they want to create their creations.

by Diego Lopez

I've always struggled with my style, I never felt it had arrived at a readily recognizable phase. I graduated with a B.A. in art from a liberal arts school, even took a course at Parsons years ago in the city. But never did any of my art course studies cover what I and I believe other art students were thinking, how does one arrive at their own authentic style? More importantly this course covers the thinking process of the instructor and his valuable technique at developing his own lyrical illustration style; and with the added bonus of Sirs Will Terry and Jake Parker discussing with Lee exercises on mentally processing an assignment as well as physical drawing exercises they use to keep their signature style flexible, and fresh. I feel SVS offers unique courses unlike any other venue.

by Suzanne Urban

I liked that he provides action items w the dream portfolio idea. Looking forward to doing this.

by kali williams

Awesome content!

by Tani Gomez

by Kelly Lane

How long have I been avoiding doing the art I want to do because I was afraid to copy someone else's style? This is by far the most useful art lecture I have ever sat through. Definitely a topic not discussed enough.

by Denise van Hulst

Very helpful and great insight into the mysteries of style. Loved the practical aspect and the "peek behind the curtain" aspect of historical and contemporary artists. Thanks for this lesson.

by Brady Black

This was such an amazing course and I can honestly say that I've taken away so many excellent points from it! For any artists who feel like they are in an artistic rut, or who are just trying to really figure out their style, I HIGHLY recommend this course!

by Asia Henry

I loved this class! I have been struggling for some time to know what direction to go in terms of my style and now I feel like I finally have a starting point. Thank you!!

by First Last

Excellent presentation and discussion from Lee White, Will Terry and Jake Parker about finding your style. No mishmash or or the usual annoying "your style will find you" here. Lee White gives practical advice and shows some real analysis of how he and some other artists got their styles. A must watch.

by Susan Szecsi

Lee White did a great job of expressing how to craft your style. I enjoyed the lecture and look forward to the assignment.

by Alyssa Gorman

by Sue Rundle-Hughes

I was confused about how to improve myself to reach my goal in the right way, and this really helped.

by Rash .

Lots of food for thought! I also really like his assignment on collecting artwork that you love and doing a process with it- very motivating

by Patricia Larenas

by Tatiany Rocha de Freitas

by Elvis Cruz

Exactly what I needed to see and hear.

by jason tocewicz

Lee White

Lee White

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Lee White has illustrated over 20 books and has an international client base. Some of his clients include:

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- Arthur Levine Publishing
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Lee has been working for the past 15 years as a professional illustrator and has also taught at the college level for the past decade.

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