Explore dynamic new ways of inking that will help you fill your sketchbook pages with images you wouldn’t envision in your wildest dreams.

If you’ve been feeling a little stifled or stale with your mark-making, get ready because in this course professional illustrator and teacher David Habben blows up all preconceptions you might have about the proper way to use a brush or pen.

David reminds us there are no perfect marks and that as we improvise, work faster, erase less, commit to choices and adapt to what happens we will grow as artists. 

This course will help you develop solid inking fundamentals while simultaneously pushing the boundaries to help you find new ways to put pen to paper. David even takes us into photoshop for a lesson on adding style and character and shows us how to embellish and fine tune our images in a digital workspace.

In this class you will learn:

  • Inking fundamentals using brushes and nibs
  • Why ink is a great medium to use 
  • How to erase less, adapt more, and grow as an artist
  • How to create dynamic shapes
  • How to use abstraction and intention to create unique work
  • How to apply style and character in a digital workspace

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Illustrator and Educator David Habben

David Habben (aka HABBENINK) is an illustrator, artist, and educator based in Utah. His unique work has been featured in children’s books, magazines, and even on snowboards. He’s received awards from 3x3 Creative Quarterly, Communication Arts, Graphis Magazine, and the AIGA, and his first author-illustrated children’s book, “Mr. Sherman’s Cloud,” was named one of Bank Street College’s Best Children’s Books of the Year for 2020. David’s education includes a BFA in Illustration and MFA in Studio Art. He was also a Children’s Book Design Fellow at Chronicle Books. These combined influences inspire him to keep developing creatively and give a new voice to every project. When he’s not in the studio or classroom, David loves spending time with his family, especially outdoors, and traveling.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Why Ink?

    3. Basic Tools

    4. Assignment: Exploring with Brushes

    5. Creating Dynamic Shapes

    6. Exploring Abstraction

    7. Working with Intention

    8. Applying Style and Character

    9. Conclusion

    10. Appendix: Alternative Take - Digital Process

    11. PDF: Thinking Outside the Pen

    12. Recommended Tools

About this course

  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 10 Videos
  • 1 Download

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