Stylizing Portraits

Stylizing Portraits

taught by Mel Milton
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Cheryl Berrier

genna main

jennifer lester

Cheryl Berrier

genna main

jennifer lester

Anita Cissel

Great art and great advice. I've learned a lot about how to look at a picture and pull the best out of it.

Monica B

Nice lesson. I learned how to look at a photo and find features that I like in an image of someone and quickly draw a sketch of those things and to not necessarily follow the image exactly as it is. I learned about getting the basic shapes down...

Verna Grant

Lots of handy tips that could apply to more than just portraits. Great class!

Olga Kudryavtseva

Kristina Chin

Erik Loehfelm

Dominic Schell

I follow Mel already for a while and like his style. What I liked about this video is to see his approach and how he not simply uses reference material, but analyzes why that reference was so appealing in the first place. And from that, he evolves...

Christopher Button

Xitlali Pérez Minssart

Alex Diaz

It was a short class but it was full of good tips for practicing stylized portraits, what to look for. I did enjoyed it.

Steven Sanders

Nicholas Waters

I have watched this lesson over and over and get something new out of it each time. I would love more courses from Mel Milton and topics like this.

Patrik Nordlund

I came to SVS recently to check it out, and when I saw that Mel was a part of it I signed up right away. I love doing portraits myself, and as I learn this craft, Mel Milton is one of the top artists I admire. His drawings make me want to push har...

John Jagusak

Mauricio Petri

First Last

I think the description of this course could be " Mel Milton enthusiastically tells you how to identify what it is that appeals to you in certain portraits. Then he tells you how to ask questions as you analyze the portrait. These questions then e...

zainab aljishi

Caroline Knight

First Last

Carlos Santos Jr

Michael Dominguez

Mel Milton
Mel Milton

About the Instructor

Mel Milton is an amazing artist who has worked as an interface web designer and later as a character animator for Disney Interactive for IPs like Van Helsing, Narnia Prince Caspian, Toystory 3, and Cars 2. While at Disney he illustrated The Smurfs book for Simon and Schuster, a hit with children around the world. Mel's work can be seen all over the internet as he has gathered an extensive following for his stylized characters and portraits that he shares almost daily.

Stylizing Portraits

In this video you will learn how to look at photo reference and start drawing it with simple shapes. Mel teaches what he's looking for in a good photo portrait. He explains that you must look for the big simple shapes first while ignoring the details. Follow Mel as he guides you through his process to create a stylized version of a photo portrait. You can use either traditional or digital tools to take this class.

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