Studio Interview with kidlit authorstrator Mark Pett

In The Studio With Authorstrator Mark Pett

taught by Mark Pett
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Mark Pett
Mark Pett

About the instructor

Writer and illustrator Mark Pett makes books. He is the “authorstrator” of This Is My Book!, Lizard From the Park, The Boy and the Airplane, The Girl and the Bicycle, and The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. Before books, he created the syndicated comic strips Mr. Lowe and Lucky Cow. Mark lives in the Mountain West.

Learn from a professional

Mark Pett has been writing and illustrating his own children's books since 2011, and before that he spent 9 years writing and drawing his own syndicated comic strips. In this video interview you'll see what its like to be a professional writer and illustrator and learn valuable insights and concepts from his experience.

This course covers:

  • Overview of Mark Pett's journey as an author and illustrator.
  • Mark's thoughts on what to send to publishers.
  • A look into Mark's process of creating a children's book.
  • Concepts such as simplicity and clarity in storytelling, and the importance of capturing the essence of a drawing.
  • Mark's advice to creators both new and experienced. 

This class includes:

  • 2 video (36 minutes total)
  • Due to an equipment malfunction in Video 2 (2:55-8:58) the audio is poorer quality . 

Course Contents

2 Videos