Sculpting for Character Consistency

Sculpting for Character Consistency

taught by Dan Mortensen
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Dan Mortensen
Dan Mortensen

About the instructor

Dan Mortensen has worked throughout the animation industry creating maquettes, armatures, puppets, and movie sets. He also has an extensive gallery presence for his sculptures in western US galleries.

This class is designed for illustrators who create sequential art for comics, children's books, or graphic novels. Achieving character consistency in your work is paramount to success in creating projects where characters repeat from page to page in different positions and perspectives. Dan gives you the basics to know what materials and tools you will need as well as simple techniques - to be able to sculpt your own characters to draw from. How much easier would it be for you to work from a 3d model of the character you designed? Follow along with Dan and learn how he quickly mocks up a character and then you will be better equipped to do the same with your creation.

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