Everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about perspective drawing will be taught in this LIVE class.

Students will learn all the fundamentals, including how to draw your characters and objects at the right scale to match your background. Poe teaches these principles starting from geo forms to help students understand these concepts.

Understanding perspective will help you create more convincing and accurate drawings even if your work is more stylized - learning these skills will help you become more powerful as an artist. This class will help you begin your drawings without always needing to consult reference. This is probably the class that you will look back on thinking “This is when I learned to draw.”

Yes, you could try to learn perspective drawing on your own, but sometimes it helps to have a structured learning environment and personal feedback on the work you do. ln the live component of this class, Poe will be joined by our very own Will Terry to help guide you through the basics of perspective drawing.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Draw in 1, 2, and 3 point perspective
  • Move the “camera” from high angles to low angles
  • Draw in proportion in perspective
  • Draw basic geometric shapes in perspective
  • Begin with basic shapes and create common objects
  • Practice making ellipses, cones, and cylinders in perspective
  • Scale objects and human forms to fit your environments
  • Draw interior spaces for backgrounds


This class will consist of 8 weekly pre-recorded classes. In each class Poe will present an idea or topic and go over how to do it. The pre-recorded classes will be released each week, so you can watch it at your convenience. You will then do your assignments and upload it to Poe and Will. The class will meet weekly via GoToMeeting, so Poe and Will can provide personal critiques of your work. In addition, there will be an active discussion area where you can ask questions at any time.

Included with the class:

  • Access to all class materials during your enrollment
  • Discussion board to ask questions during the week
  • Downloadable homework and resource files
  • Weekly homework assignments
  • Individual critiques weekly


  • Basic level of drawing ability
  • Good internet connection
  • Drawing supplies or digital drawing monitor (drawing tablets like Intuos is discouraged)

Class Schedule:

Class will be held on Mondays, from June 19 to August 7.

Pre-recorded Lectures: Each Monday, content will be released at noon for you to watch at your own convenience. Classes are pre-recorded so you DO NOT have to be able to watch them on Mondays specifically.

Weekly homework assignments: Homework is due on Sundays, to give Will and Poe time to review your work.

Live Critiques: We will also meet LIVE Monday evenings to do critiques of your work. We will meet at 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST and 9pm EST. For those of you around the world, check here for times.

  • Monday, June 19 - video release.
  • Monday, June 26 - video release. 6pm PST live session
  • Monday, July 3 - video release. 6pm PST live session
  • Monday, July 10 - video release. 6pm PST live session
  • Monday, July 17 - video release. 6pm PST live session
  • Monday, July 24 - video release. 6pm PST live session
  • Monday, July 31 - video release. 6pm PST live session
  • Monday, Aug 7 - video release. 6pm PST live session


Cost is $450 for SVS subscribers and $500 for non. If you want the subscription price simply go to our site and subscribe either yearly or monthly before you purchase this class. Please note this class is not included under the subscription as it is a live class with individual instruction.


Enrollment is limited to 15 students.

Refund Policy:

Our seats are limited, and we are unlikely to sell seats once the class has started, so please make sure you can attend before signing up!

  • 100% refund if you cancel 5 days prior to the class.
  • 75% refund if you cancel by the first day of class.
  • 50% refund if you cancel by the end of the first week of class.
  • No refund if you cancel by the second week of class.

How to enroll:

Simply purchase the class using one of the Buy Now links below. Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email with more details about how to view the pre-recorded classes, turn in homework and join the live sessions.

About the Instructor

Poe Tan

Poe Tan has worked as a Visual Development Artist at a number of studios, including Dreamworks TV Animation, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox Animation and Warner Brothers. Most recently he worked on hit show Spirit on Netflix and the Adventure Time App game. Other hit shows that he has worked on are Ben 10, Futurama, Rugrats the Movie, Johnny Bravo and many more. Poe earned his MFA in 2014 from the Academy of Art, and has taught at many top notch schools, including ArtCenter College of Design and Otis College of Design.

Course curriculum

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