Painting the Head

Painting the Head

taught by Britt Snyder
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Britt Snyder
Britt Snyder

About the Instructor

Britt Snyder is currently represented through The Meyer Gallery in Park City, UT, Abend Gallery in Denver, CO and Smash Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Britt has exhibited his paintings in Arcadia Contemporary Galley, Sloane Merrill Gallery, Principle Gallery, Atelier Gallery, Fitchburg State University and Fountain Street Gallery.

Learn how to create a quick painting of the human head in oil paint.

In this demonstration you will watch a study being made of the human head executed in oil paint to board. Understanding of form, creating and working with a palette and working within your limitations in your painting will be covered.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Simplifying what you see and translating this to painting.
  • Creating a palette for oil painting.
  • Handling edges in you paint.
  • Working with your brush to create a variety of strokes.
  • Mark making techniques and reason.
  • Local and ambient light/color.
  • Direct painting.

What you need:

  • Canvas or gesso surface board
  • Oil or acrylic paint
  • Brushes
  • Walnut or linseed oil

Course Contents

1 Video
1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum