How to Make Money in Illustration 1

How to Make Money in Illustration

taught by Lee White
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Marina Manzano Cererols


santosh oommen

Great course!

Informative and great resources. Lee White gives you some great advice and tips on guess what?... Making Money in Illustration! Every bit worth the watch!

Marina Manzano Cererols


santosh oommen

Informative and great resources. Lee White gives you some great advice and tips on guess what?... Making Money in Illustration! Every bit worth the watch!

Kyle Sarafolean

In college I did my bachelors degree in graphic design and minored in art at a mid-sized state school in Michigan. I was kind of a late bloomer as I didn't really discover my interest in art until about my sophomore year of undergrad. At that poin...

Si Gross

This course has helped me to turn my disorganised art life into some sort of order. Now I can see a clearer plan on how to arrange my portfolio. Make it into something cohesive for the client and avoid selfish choices.

Pinar Lombaard

Reka Kovacs

I absolutely loved this class! It gives a great overview of different segments of the industries, providing quality information open, honest as brutal as necessary and as helpful as one can be. :) Amazing content. I'm looking eager to return f...

Elisa Bianco

Oliver Benavidez

A huge thank you to Lee for putting this large body of content together and sharing it with this community. All three volumes are gold. It was a relief to me to that there was finally an answer to that age-old question of "What now?" after graduat...

Katie Avila

There is so much great information in this first of three parts alone. This is essential information for anyone starting out. Seriously, take the time and genuinely listen to this course (not just while you're working on something). It'll make you...

Kae Hutchens


Shawn Turek

This course (along with parts 2 and 3) are gold! They cover so many of the things that just aren't covered elsewhere, or that are spread around many other places and not easy to get. And it gets specific enough to really apply it. I've got a 19 pa...

Jordan Cantwell

Lee does a great job of giving much-needed advice that too few artists hear or have access to. His logical, structured approach to art as a business is informative and refreshing. Perfect for those struggling to launch an art career or those who a...

Bethany Hissong

I was surprised at the great amount of info Lee presents because of his vast knowledge of working in different disciplines of Illustration. I am trying to get back into a career that I put on hold while raising my kids, so this info is a little mo...

Denise van Hulst

Answered some questions I had for a very long time. No one else covers this topic. Well played!

Kimberly Smith

Thank you so much for all of this information! This is something that was lacking in my college education and I'm so glad I found this course because it's helped me narrow down what I want to do and need to do. I feel less overwhelmed now, thanks ...

Elena Alvarez Neminuschaya

maryam hr

Renee Graef

I've been illustrating for over 30 years (mostly in children's books). Lee White nailed it with his overview of the illustration field. Kudos for an amazing talk!

Anna Terrey

I'm just starting to set myself up as an illustrator and this course put me on the right path. I've watched a lot of videos on art but none that has been so full of industry knowledge, helpful time management tips and advice on how to be a profess...

Diego Araujo

This is not a set of rules (there are no such thing as a set of rules to success), but a in-depth discussion (I would say essay), with specific tips and "what/how to do". A lot of good tips here! Lee doesn't get very specific with numbers, but sti...

Carina Povarchik

It opened my eyes in really lot of important details. I'm now revising my whole thing :) And it's right, people usually doesn't talk about this, and in art schools money is never mentioned. So many gems here, I'm glad I did it!!!!!!!!

Jo Pal

This presentation was well prepared and filled with great information. It would be nice to have other presentations such as this focusing on other art careers.

Caroline Knight

For some reasons, the financial aspect of the career of an artist is a topic that isn’t discussed in schools, which can be damaging for Arts students, since most of them are plagued with phenomenal debts and unrealistic vision of the Art industry....

Lee White
Lee White
Illustrator Extraodinare

About the Instructor

Lee White has illustrated over 20 books and has an international client base. Some of his clients include:

- National Geographic
- Apple
- Arthur Levine Publishing
- Penguin Publishing
- United Airlines
- Scholastic
and many more!

Lee has been working for the past 15 years as a professional illustrator and has also taught at the college level for the past decade.

Learn how to build your illustration business using sound principles and proven techniques

In this tutorial you will be walked through a series of steps that focus on understanding how to make money from illustration. This area is sorely lacking from most art schools and this video goes into detail how each part of the illustration market works and how you can use that to your advantage. This video works for anyone no matter where you are in your career (beginner to pro).

Some of what you will learn:

  • What it means to be a professional illustrator
  • Why most artists fail
  • How to figure out where you are in your career and what you should be focusing on
  • How the business of being an illustrator actually works
  • How to set yourself up as a business and get work
  • How to avoid mistakes that I (and many of my colleagues) have made

What you will need

  • Pencil and paper

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Download
3.3 hrs

Course Curriculum