How To Get Your First 10K Followers

How to get your First 10k Followers

taught by Jake Parker
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Julie Kitzes

Loved it!

Great talk - I learned a lot. Thank you Mr. Jake Parker!

Verena Raban

Very General

Most of the insight was very general and common-sense. Quite a bit of it was only helpful if you already have a decent fan-base, too, which was disappointing. Overall, I would only recommend it to people who are brand new to a social media platfor...

Emilie Goddard

Julie Kitzes

Great talk - I learned a lot. Thank you Mr. Jake Parker!

Verena Raban

Most of the insight was very general and common-sense. Quite a bit of it was only helpful if you already have a decent fan-base, too, which was disappointing. Overall, I would only recommend it to people who are brand new to a social media platfor...

Emilie Goddard

Eddie Pittman

Jodi Lane

Stéphanie Pernet-solliet

Thanks a lot for the info. I'm a beginer with instagram, even if I read a lot about it I'm still very low on followers... and now I know why ! 😁 I really need to work on it and your course is a great motivation!


Elisa Bianco

Pamela Price

Social Media has not been my favorite thing, but I am interested in some of it. You have given me some great information that will help me as I jump into it!

jeff badanoy

I like how Jake Parker outlined the steps on how to create a following on the different social medias out there. I believe these steps are detailed enough for everyone to follow. I wanna add something though. With all the action steps mentioned, ...

Anita Cissel

Storm Pharo

It was a very educational course. I knew some of this already, but i definitely learned a lot too! I really enjoyed to hear Jake Parkers point of view and I will definitely take all that i learned with me and use it to great growth on my own soci...

Tyler Wood

Jake covered some really great points and provided an incredible layout for reaching the goal. Can't wait to put it into practice!

Errolben Elepano

First Last

Jake Parker has a way of puting anything into an interesting lecture.

Richard Sauer

This course helped me clarify what direction I will be promoting my children's book illustrations. It was nice learning what to do for each social media platform. Great job guys!

Jason Arthur

Tereza Krajnakova

Cris Hamilton

Mike Mercer

Ana Maria Mendez Salgado

toby simpson

Valérie Deschênes

cassie chancy

Ronald Mena

There is a lot of great advice and a sound plan to make your mark in social media. Jack Parker never disappoints in giving meaningful information for a real world approach for best practices.

Kaelin Twede

I absolutely loved this class. Thank you so much Jake, Lee, and Will for sharing all of that awesome information!

Michael Mattocks

Really appreciate Jake's thoroughness in presenting the information and his honesty about the social media platforms, looking at your work quality and that it may take a while to get that 10K. That its not a get quick thing. watched it twice and ...

Yasushi Matsuoka

Jack Koekkoek

I wouldn't really call this a course or a class, as it was much more an informative session of valuable information about several social media platforms. I learned some new things about platform-specific tactics which I think will be very valuable...

Brett Chalupa

Jake runs through his approach to using social media, and it is so incredibly packed with useful information that you'll definitely want to take notes for. Jake starts with the question, "why?" before diving into the how which I know that I've ski...

Agnese Ragucci

Bethany Hissong

Shane Zhou

A very detailed explanation of social media and how to use it for artists, it has been really helpful for me. Thank you!

Kyler J

Jake Parker really goes in depth on the BEHIND THE SCENES on spreading your art far a wide. It's really not enough to just post and hope people see your art. If you're serious about getting recognition, you have to do way more then that.

John Marcotte

I thought this 3rd Thursday video was a good topic to go into. There are a bunch of other website for artist to sell stuff, to show and to get people to notice what we create. We are competing to get attention in the sea of eyes. I recommend this ...

Kimberly Smith

I've been on social media for a while with little luck but I feel like these points will help me get a good grove going, not only in regards to followers but also with knowing my brand. Thank you!

Marina Veselinovic

Chris Metzner

I learned alot about how to use social media from your YouTube Jake and I started gaining traction. After a while I subscribed to SVS and watched this and realized I was doing almost everything you had said and it has been growing at a steady pace...

Melinda Fisher

The webinar starts with the importance of establishing your 'brand' and online personality and gives you examples and questions to help you do that. There are also some good social media tips and strategies presented in the webinar, especially for...

Jeremiah Henning

I enjoyed this one and learned what I hoped regarding social media platforms. Would recommend to those getting started with showcasing their work online.

Ashley Mclaughlin

Great video, very informative, lots of tips and tricks on how to grow your social media following.

Michael Kimball

joe spadaford

This was a very eye opening class for me. I haven't used social media to get work. I have found work all my carreer thought knowing people from place to place I go. So I take social media for granted. I type up movie reviews on facebook and just h...

Julia L Powell

This is one of the hardest parts of being a professional artist and this course just made it so much easier to navigate social media. I have actually been a fan of Jake's since the Agent44 stuff and seeing what he has accomplished with what he sha...

Ben Todd

I took a hiatus for a month or two to refuel my creative juices and this lesson was the perfect one to kickstart it off! I feel more confident online, and now that I have a plan for my social media, I can simply focus on my craft.

Lynn Mullen

Christina Brown

I've been searching the internet for these tidbits of information, but I'm not the type of person who has hours to devote on social media research. Jake Parker has not only given me a clear goal of what to do, he's given me a schedule for how. If ...

Irma Zwart

There are hundreds of tutorials out there on the web that claim to explain how to use Social Media and how to get followers. I've watched quite a lot myself, but none of them are as in depth as this tutorial from Jake Parker. Not only does he ex...

Patrick Davidson

Jake Parker did a very good job of outlining and going through a ton of information about social media. I have a bunch of notes that I will be rearranging for my own needs and using as a guide going forward. Great job!

Rabbit Town Art

Hi SVS gang, It was awesome listening to Jake Parker go through all the social media points and I found it extremely helpful. I am at a point were I make a decent living as a freelance animator and recently, illustrator but my social media fo...

Angela Sisk

Lexie Bykova

AJ Ramsey

I learned a lot from this. It kept me engaged. I was able to take many notes and I now know where I am headed on social media. Thank you so much!

Matheus Oliveira

Umut Dulger

Karine G.Beaumier

Kait Wiebe

Carlos Santos Jr

Tatiany Rocha de Freitas

Jake  Parker
Jake Parker

About the instructor

For the last 19 years Jake has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. For several years he worked for Reel FX and Blue Sky Studios on such projects as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. He is the creator of the popular Inktober drawing challenge. Jake currently works as an illustrator and cartoonist on children's books and comics. He works out of his home studio in Utah.

Learn how grow an online following for your work

Exposure is essential for artists to get work and build an audience. Luckily you live in the year 2016 where (thanks to social media) it's never been easier for you to get noticed for your work and build a fanbase. In this lecture, Jake Parker shares his social media doctrine, best practices, and strategies that helped him get over 250,000 Instagram followers, 175,000 Facebook likes, and 50,000 YouTube subscribers. Jake will break down how to use each platform, how to engage followers, discuss current trends in social media, and what you should never, ever, ever-in-a-thousand-years, do on Instagram.


In this class Jake walks you through the steps to creating a solid online presence and specific strategies and tactics that top social media accounts use to grow their following. In this lecture you will learn:

  • How to plan out your overall social media strategy
  • How to define your personal brand
  • Best practices for maximum engagement
  • Strategies for all the big social media platforms
  • Specific tactics for each platform
  • Why you should or shouldn’t use each platform
  • *And really, what you should never do on instagram. Please stop doing this people, it makes you look like a newbie : )

What our students had to say about this:

“I honestly didn’t think I would learn anything new that I hadn’t already read up on this subject before. But I was pleasantly surprised by the content that Jake had to offer. I had instant results after applying some of the suggestions into my next Instagram post on Friday. I usually get about 30-40 likes on my posts and it jumped to 66 and I got 6 new followers! That’s just from one day one post! So thank you for all the amazing info! Hopefully I can continue to grow my fan base using all this new info. Here’s to 10k followers! ;)”

Sybil Cohen

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Course Contents

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1.8 hrs

Course Curriculum

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