Learn how to enhance your illustrations by drawing accurate folds

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, if you struggle with drawing believable fold and wrinkles, this is the course for you! Much like studying human anatomy in order to draw convincing characters, it’s important to study the anatomy of folds to confidently draw clothing on your characters and in your environments. 


Instructor Shawna Tenney is no stranger to drawing drapery. In her book Brunhilda’s Backwards Day, she had to draw and render a big, pink, fluffy dress over 20 times. It was because of her understanding of the anatomy of folds that she was able to beautifully stylize the folds and wrinkles.

Bring life to drapery by learning how it moves and behaves in action. Having a strong understanding of the anatomy of folds will give you the base you need to accurately stylize them. No more wonky, confusing folds. 

In this class you will learn:

  • The anatomy of folds, including overlapping edges, tension and compression.

  • The 6 different kinds of folds. Pipe folds, half-lock folds, drop folds etc.

  • How to draw clothing on the figure, indicating the form under the cloth.

  • Additionally, how to indicate action and attitude with clothing on the figure.

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About the Instructor

Shawna Tenney

Author Illustrator

Shawna Tenney

Shawna graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Brigham Young University in 2004 and has enjoyed a career as a freelance illustrator ever since. She’s created artwork for over 20 books, as well as art for board games and children's magazines. Shawna's true passion is in writing and illustrating her own stories. Brunhilda's Backwards Day is the first book she created as both author and illustrator. She lives in Utah with her two very artistic little girls and and her sweet and supportive graphic designer husband. She enjoys old movies, British shows, hiking, going on adventures with her family and playing with puppets.

Who should take this course:

Students should have some basic figure drawing skills and some experience rendering light and shadow.

The following SVSLearn course would be helpful, though not required:

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction
    • Inspiration from the Classics
  • 2

    The Anatomy of Folds

    • Anatomy of Folds Introduction
    • Overlapping Edges and Changes of Plane
    • Overlap and Change of Plane Demo
    • Perspective and Foreshortening
    • Tension, Compression and Gravity
    • Geometric Shapes
    • Homework 1
    • Homework 2
    • Homework Downloads
  • 3

    Types of Folds

    • Types of Folds Introduction
    • Pipe Folds
    • Zig Zag Folds
    • Spiral Folds
    • Half Lock Folds
    • Diaper Folds
    • Combination Folds
    • Homework Intro
    • Homework Demo
    • Homework Downloads
  • 4

    Cloth Textures

    • Cloth Texture Intro
    • Different Cloth Textures
    • Thickness Demo
    • Fur Demo
    • Knitted Demo
    • Quilted Demo
    • Satin Demo
    • JC Leyendecker and Chalres Dana Gibson
    • Homework
    • Homework Downloads
  • 5

    Indicating the Form Under Clothing

    • Introduction
    • Tight Clothing
    • Loose Clothing
    • Homework
  • 6

    Indicating Action and Attitude

    • Introduction
    • Studying Cloth in Action
    • Gesture Drawings
    • Cloth in Action Drawing
    • Homework Download
  • 7

    Final Assignment

    • Final Homework
  • 37

    Videos with 2.5 hours of instruction and demonstrations

  • 7

    Homework exercises to help you apply what you are learning


Wrinkles unraveled!

Jen van Baden

This course really provides easy guideline on how to draw folds and wrinkles in a convincing way.

This course really provides easy guideline on how to draw folds and wrinkles in a convincing way.

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