Drawing Villains and Monsters

Drawing Villains and Monsters

taught by Jake Parker
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Mohammad Sabbagh

Karl Barek

Claudia Fiebig

Mohammad Sabbagh

Karl Barek

Claudia Fiebig

Nick Steer

This lesson taught me how to approach monster design in a way I've never seen before. It's helped me keep my monsters interesting but also grounded and believable.

Tani Gomez

Thuraya Batterjee

Tomasz Nowacki

Love everything from svs but this one is one of the best!!

Carrie Copa

I love monsters. And who doesn't want a better bad guy? (More interesting, I mean.) This is a fantastic course for building more believable characters. Really gets you thinking about your character beyond just a drawing.

Alberto Boscolo Gnolo

Jake  Parker
Jake Parker

About the Instructor

For the last 19 years Jake has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. For several years he worked for Reel FX and Blue Sky Studios on such projects as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. He is the creator of the popular Inktober drawing challenge. Jake currently works as an illustrator and cartoonist on children's books and comics. He works out of his home studio in Utah.

Your hero is only as good as your villain.

From dark lords to knife-wielding ogres to maniacal jokers and evil alien warriors Jake Parker teaches an in depth course on designing and drawing the "bad guys" for your next big project.

In this class you will learn:

  • the 4 principles of designing evil characters
  • how to apply these principles to a range of evil characters
  • the differentiating visual and physical attributes of evil characters
  • an approach to basic human anatomy
  • how to draw great evil poses
  • how to create a hierarchy of focal points
  • how to design evil clothing and evil accessories
    • methods of working up from a thumbnail sketch to a finished EVIL drawing

This class includes:

  • PDF download of the class notes
  • PDF download of 8 drawing exercises

Course Contents

5 Videos
1 Download