Draw 50 Things

Draw 50 Things

taught by Will Terry
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Tatiany Rocha de Freitas

William Palacio

Some great tips and tricks

Really enjoyed this and was able to pick up some very valuable tips on putting together a complex image.

Olivia Pinto Marchi

Tatiany Rocha de Freitas

William Palacio

Really enjoyed this and was able to pick up some very valuable tips on putting together a complex image.

Olivia Pinto Marchi

Chris Perry

Will is great at explaining complex concepts simply and understandable. He knows how to feed his students an elephant by giving them bite size lessons that are easy to digest.

Jim Hoopes

I am excited to continue to work on my project and this class is chuck full of little gems of wisdom and helpful tips to keep me improving on my journey to improve!

Michael Ford

I loved the info about molding and changing your thumbnail crop, and also about visualizing your space in 3D. Loved this course, thank you Will.

Will Terry
Will Terry

About the Instructor

Will Terry has been a freelance illustrator for 26 years. He got his start working for magazines and newspapers in the Washington D.C. area. His early clients include publications such as Time, Money, WSJ and ads for Sprint, Pizza Hut, Fed Ex, and Master Card. He has illustrated about 30 children’s books for a number of publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, and Penguin. When he's not mountain biking, hiking, or snowboarding he works out of the svslearn.com office in Provo Utah. 



Design an image with ONE strong focal point with at least one figure or animal that tells a visual story. Include 50 different recognizable objects in your illustration.


Your choice.


  1. You may not count items that are attached to the interior or exterior of a structure such as flooring, lighting, cabinets, signage, roofing, windows, shelving, fencing, trees, etc. If you need tools to take it out of a room, out of the ground, off of a building you can’t count it.
  2. You may repeat objects like candy canes or heart boxes but only count one of them in your 50.
  3. You may not count parts of an object, i.e. a cupcake has 3 parts: cup, cake, and icing but you may only count it as one object. A person is only one object - you can’t count each article of clothing they are wearing...however if they are carrying something in a pocket, on their shoulder, or in their arms you can count it.
  4. In order to be counted your audience must be able to identify each of your 50 objects.

Learn how to design a complex image with one main focal point

Have you ever wanted to create a complex image but didn't know where to start? If you haven't you will probably be asked to create such images for books, magazines, adverts one day. One of the most difficult assignments is illustrating crowd scenes, interiors of bookstores, toy stores, party scenes, laboratories, and stadium shots filled with people, objects, vehicles, etc. Learning the tricks and process that other illustrators use to organize drawings like this is invaluable.

Will Terry has been teaching this assignment for his UVU classes in Utah for the past 6 years. He is launching this as an open challenge to anyone in the world! Can you draw 50 things in one illustration with one main focal point? Only you can answer this question!

Even though this class is presented in a digital format it is valid for any medium including: pencil, charcoal, pen, digital, etc.

Materials needed:

  • pencil and paper or digital

You will learn:

  • How to plan the objects in your drawing
  • How to draw the room shape
  • Cropping your room space
  • Drawing thumbnail sketches
  • Drawing comp sketches
  • Planning grouped, overlapped, and cropped objects
  • Value grouping objects
  • Planning your focal point
  • Refining your drawing
  • Adding value to your drawing

This is an intermediate to advanced video. Experience with composition is recommended - please watch Creative Composition here at svslearn.com as a pre-requisite.

And if you post your own version on social media, don't forget to hashtag it #draw50things!

Course Contents

11 Videos
1 Download
3.0 hrs