Tired of your illustrations looking too stiff and digital?

Entertainment concept artist and illustrator Shaun Keenan demonstrates how he brings life and authenticity to his digital workflow and how he avoids getting lost in the details.

In this class you will learn:

  • Shaun’s digital illustration process from beginning to end. From ideation and reference to finished black and white illustration.

  • Basics of how Shaun works in Photoshop, including clipping masks and flipping canvas.

  • How and why to add texture to your digital artwork

  • The importance of strong silhouette in design (both with character and environment work).

  • What is long lens perspective and an example drawing demonstrating it.

  • Shaun’s trick to keeping life and freshness from the thumbnail sketch to the final piece.

  • The role social media plays in staying motivated and Shaun’s experiences with clients hiring him from his social media.

This course includes video process of the following 3 illustrations:

Dino Rider demo

Long lens environment demo

Outlaw versus Indian demo

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About the Instructor

Shaun Keenan

Concept Artist

Shaun Keenan

Shaun Keenan is a concept artist in the entertainment industry. He has done work for video games, animation and toy design, and has worked for studios such as Nintendo, Dreamworks TV, and Hasbro. He especially loves drawing dinosaurs and animals, and in 2018 he self published his first book "Dinosaurs of the Wild West."

Who should take this course:

This course is for anyone who wants to learn from a professional artist's digital workflow. Experience with Photoshop is not required for this course, but recommended. Those who have a basic understanding of digital art programs will gain the most from this course. This course does not cover the technical basics of painting, for that reference:

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Dino Rider Demo

    • Reference and Getting Started
    • Rough Sketch
    • Clean Sketch
    • Basic Tone
    • Final Tone
  • 2

    Environment Drawing Demo

    • Environment Reference
    • Environment Rough Sketch
    • Environment Line Art
    • Environment Rough Tone
    • Environment Final Tone
  • 3

    Outlaw versus Indian Demo

    • Ideation and Rough Sketch
    • Clean Line Phase
    • Painting Phase
    • Environment and Final Changes
  • 4

    Class Downloads

    • Building Samples
    • Dino Rider Line Art
    • Dino Rider PSD
    • Outlaw versus Indian PSD
    • Town Environment PSD
  • 5


    • Dino Rider Assignment
    • Town Assignment
  • 14


  • 3 PSDs

    Downloadable PSD files of the 3 demo illustrations.


Very helpful! Loved the course.

Dorna Diven


Aniekan Udofia

This class was very useful in terms of the step-by-step approach that the artist took to explain each process. Very helpful and easy to understand!

This class was very useful in terms of the step-by-step approach that the artist took to explain each process. Very helpful and easy to understand!

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