Visual Storytelling is the process of turning good drawings into great stories.

Someone who can draw well isn't necessarily a great storyteller. And not all storytellers can draw. "Developing Great Visual Stories" is a course that teaches the art of bringing the two together, crafting concepts, and creating successful, interesting illustrations. 

Professional illustrator and teacher, Will Terry, takes students through the process of building strong concepts by ranking a drawing's effectiveness, developing secondary stories, and producing prompts through random word generation. 

Will shares how he develops unique and interesting illustrations that tell stories that have never been told before! This class is one that will definitely level up the creative concepts in your drawings.   

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Understadning Creative Concepting

    • PDF Workbook

    • Assignment #1: Practice Concepting

  2. 2
    • Exercise #1: Reflection

    • Level 1

    • Level 2

    • Level 3

    • Level 4

  3. 3
    • Assignment #2

    • Assignment #2: Secondary Story

  4. 4
    • Assignment #3

    • Assignment #3: Word Triples

In this class you will learn:

  • How to analyze and rank an illustration's effectiveness

  • How to develop primary and secondary creative concepts in an illustration

  • How to produce prompts using random word generation

About the Instructor


Will Terry

Will Terry has been a freelance illustrator for 26 years. He got his start working for magazines and newspapers in the Washington D.C. area. His early clients include publications such as Time, Money, WSJ and ads for Sprint, Pizza Hut, Fed Ex, and Master Card. He has illustrated about 30 children’s books for a number of publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, and Penguin. When he's not mountain biking, hiking, or snowboarding he works out of the office in Provo Utah. 
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