Design and Color: Hair

Design and Color: Hair

taught by Ty Carter
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Ty Carter
Ty Carter

About the Instructor

As a designer at Blue Sky Animation Studios, Ty Carter has worked on such films as Epic and Peanuts.

You'll learn:

  • to Avoid pitfalls of painting and drawing hair
  • to SIMPLY break hair down in design and color
  • three analyzation studies on different short hair types
  • master case study: Harry Anderson, Brief Art History
  • brush techniques/tools to create hair
  • stylized portrait demonstration with commentary
  • ideas and suggestion list to improve/practice


  • Full Res Painting ( .jpg 2550 x 2550 pixels)
  • Raw PSD File, including 9 layers. Untouched Blockin! See how I work!
  • 17 Hair and Fur Brushes (.abr file)
  • Full Res Painted Fur Example ( .jpg 1867 x 1368 pixels)
  • Brush Chart explaining the uses for each brush

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Download
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum