Character Design with Freelance Artist Piper Thibodeau

Characters and Conversations

taught by Piper Thibodeau
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Piper Thibodeau
Piper Thibodeau
Character Designer

About the instructor

Piper Thibodeau is a freelance character designer based in Montreal, Canada. She has done work for Nickelodean, Dreamworks, Intel, Penguin Books and more. But she is best known for her puntastic daily paintings, which she has been doing since 2012. The best of her paintings are collected in a book of her work, “Daily Paintings: The Art Of Piper Thibodeau.”

Piper is a young up-and-coming digital artist who began working for companies like Scholastic, Random House, Sesame Street, and Dream Works while still in ART SCHOOL!  She began her daily paint challenge in 2012 and built an online following much bigger than many veteran artists working in animation and publishing. She has also created a must-have art book showcasing her most pun-tastic work, funded through Kickstarter. Piper is definitely an artist to follow!

In this video, Will Terry chats with Piper as she creates one of her daily paintings for your viewing pleasure. They discuss her art process, getting into the business, schooling options for artists and more in this packed 2-hour episode.

Supplemental Content

* Noah Bradley's "Don't go to Art School" article

* Many of the brushes Piper has used were from Kyle T. Webster, but his brushes are now fully integrated as a default brushes into the latest Photoshop CC update and can no longer be purchased.

* A selection of Piper's brushes and their sources 

* Piper's "Daily Paintings" art book

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Characters and Conversations