Branding For Creatives

Branding for Creatives

taught by Tannie Smith
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Jemma Skidmore

Elizabeth Parziale

Take this first!

I admit that I judged this class by title alone. Assuming it was for people much further along in their art path careers I put it off for later. If I could go back in time I would take this class very first. The tools for guidance are simple, effe...

Paul Nash

Great motivation

The course was great motivation to get my branding together and under the one Umbrella

Jemma Skidmore

Elizabeth Parziale

I admit that I judged this class by title alone. Assuming it was for people much further along in their art path careers I put it off for later. If I could go back in time I would take this class very first. The tools for guidance are simple, effe...

Paul Nash

The course was great motivation to get my branding together and under the one Umbrella

Juan Rodriguez

TO be honest I had no idea about what branding was and how to approach to it. I love the course, the examples the clarity how everything was explained. Thank you!

Elise Wilson

Stéphanie Pernet-solliet

I already new most of it, but it was nice to have a reminder and it helped me to reorganize my thoughts on what I really wanted to do and promote ! I love the umbrella... I made sure to open mine ! Thanks a lot.

Jonathan Fisher


Olena Galkina

Thank you! This was super useful and informative, with good explanation and live examples - just what i needed.

Geoffrey Gordon

Great overview for artists. I could relate to so much of this course as I have come from the same background as you. Although there were only a few new things I picked up. Based on my knowledge of currently working in the same field you came from...


Adrian Kuhn

great class. I'm defenatly going to go through this class again. too true when it comes to maintaining your on line image.

Sweta Roy Choudhury

I took a lot of notes while taking this class. Tannie Smith gave a wealth of information on branding. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

Kayla Groening

I have been a creative all my life, but (until recently) have never been interested in the business side of things. "Branding for Creatives" was the first video that I watched on the topic and I found great value in the material that Tannie Smith...

Christian Ivan Villanueva

Sylvia Howell

Great topic, great encouragement, great ideas. Learn about branding, and why it matters. Explanations on how to remain authentic, and use branding as a guide on social media. Helpful. Loved this!

Wilfredo Delgado

I always been passionate about art, as well the business part of it. I think brand is very, very important nowadays.

Alex Diaz

It's really an excellent class and so clear and succinct. All the information is gold. Everyone should take this class!

Johanna Kim

Jamie McNicol

Cool tutorial. I found it very informative. Thank you.

Cindy Dicks

Thank you for this well throughout lesson. It is well presented and takes away a lot of the confusion, particularly on the social media side, in a very easy to follow manner.

First Last

Lots of things to think about.

Adam Zavell

Definitely great food for thought.

Brandon Bernard

Sean Balsano

Xitlali Pérez Minssart

Julia Dambuk

Good for a first overview about an interesting theme on which the discussion is often missing. Thank you for filling that gap. But all in all i would love to have heard more detailed information, more depth. Worth watching anyway.

Jae Lim Chung

maryann green

Kyler J

Hers and Jake Parker's course about social media and art are great courses. We really do need to be more aware of how we are putting ourselves out there and how people are perceiving us!

Bethany Hissong

This was a really great overview of branding and brought up some good points too for social media that I immediately used!

Tani Gomez

Fantastic presentation!!

Ursula Popit

First Last

Brett Chalupa

Tannie Smith gives pragmatic and easy to understand advice on how to brand and promote yourself. It's great for someone like me who is always unsure how to best approach social media and branding without seeming like a marketing robot.

Veronika Lunakova

Absolutely great lesson, and the only one which teaches how to actually brand yourself as a product.

Becky Porter

I took feverish notes on everything she said! Great class, Tannie! Such helpful info. Most of us are our own Public Relations guy, and this is valuable info that isn't always intuitive.

Amanda Wall

This is a great quick class that simplifies the idea of branding in a way that makes sense but contains strong and handy information.

First Last

Loved many of the ideas and statements given by Tannie: - Having an umbrella statement - We are the product! -Be consistent on all platforms - Do quality work on quality materials Thank you Tannie for a great class!

First Last

Excellent video full of honest, real advice for working through the business side of a creative career. Tannie has an excellent way of giving advice while explaining why it's so important and includes real examples. She's a pro !

Cindy Rodella Purdy

Thanks for the course! Great tips and recommendations. Thanks for the book recommendation "Drawing is Magic" I got my copy and love it.

Chrissy Kaesmayr

Hannah Viera

Tatiany Rocha de Freitas

jacqueline mcgeown

Really enjoyed this video Tannie delivered it in a relaxed and friendly manner, lots of interesting information,plenty to think about when building your brand.Thanks!

Jason Bowen

A polished clear presentation about branding. Really enjoyed it answered quite a few questions I had in my head. Great Video :)

Tannie Smith
Tannie Smith

About the instructor

Tannie M. Smith is an Illustrator and Author in Austin, Texas. Previously she owned and operated the successful design and branding firm, tann|design. In 2011 she chose to close down her design business in order to spend more time with her family and return to illustration. Tannie has a strong appetite for knowledge and continuously seeks ways to learn and improve her skill by pestering any who are willing to teach her.

Brand Yourself for Success

As artists and writers we are selling ourselves as much as our art form. It's important to be aware that the brand we put out in the world can effect our business (for good or for bad). In this class Tannie will talk about why branding matters, how we can still be authentic within that brand, and how a consistent brand can guide us on the public platform, including social media.

In this course, you will learn:

1. What branding is and why it matters.
     a. Definition of Branding.
     b. Why branding matters.
     c. How to define what your brand is

2. How to remain authentic within your brand
    a. Why you can't just "be yourself"
    b. You need a product
    c. Create what you love

3. Using your brand as a guide.
    a. Communication
    b. Promotional Materials
    c. Social Media

Useful materials

- Notebook

- Pen or pencil.

- Drawing is Magic by John Hendrix   

Course Contents

4 Videos
1 Download
1.0 hr